Tomeletso Sereetsi Unplugged

Letty Masunga
Thursday, 19 November 2015
Tomeletso Sereetsi Unplugged

The album launch of the Four String Confessions was the next best thing after the rich culture of Batswana.

The theme of the night ‘Ke Motswana’ a movement aimed at encouraging Batswana to take pride in themselves their culture and their country not only created a homely feel for the audience but naturally blended with his music throughout the night.

Maitisong theatre was filled to the brim with the upper seats heaving under pressure from Sereetsi’s ‘The Natives.’ Following the opening acts, like the breathtaking performance from Punah, a spectacular recital from Phopho the Poet and a spiritual encounter with the South African Bonolo, the arrival of the humble and amazingly endowed musician, Tomeletso Sereetsi was as overwhelming for the audience as it was for him. In settling onto the stage his first words were, “Le tswa ha kae?” in shock. The cheerful crowd stood up to welcome him in anticipation of a night that would forever rest in their hearts. And he did not disappoint.

The night alone was a breath of fresh air and good food to the soul; highlights made to every song he played. Songs like, Thaa Kokome, Ke Boletsa Mongwe and his love song which did not make it to the album, Ko teng teng were the pinnacle of the night more especially his much anticipated and widely played Robete. As he the guitarist quietly fondled his four string guitar, the trumpeter gently propelling his instrument so immaculately; the willing hands of the audience began to clap to the rhythm unaware of what song the unity would bring them to.

Ordinarily it sounded like the traditional backing to ‘tsutsube’ until Sereetsi announced, Re gorosa ngwetsi. Immediately the audience discerned their most appreciated song, Robete which was about to sweep them off their feet. Indeed it did.
In an interview with BG Style, Sereetsi, the author of the critically acclaimed book/CD, ‘The Solo Four String Guitar’ of Botswana, said he never anticipated that big crowd. “With so much happening around the city today, I expected nothing close to a full house” he said.

Why he took so long to finally unveil his much esteemed compilation, Sereetsi says, “I was only trying to find myself in music.” It is almost as if he was waiting for a ‘go ahead’ from The Natives of which he says have been a great pillar in the type of music he intends to serve to the people.

In fact, the highlight of his night he said, “Seeing the natives sing along to every song really humbled me to the core” Robete, a controversial song that speaks of a homosexual brother who announced to his conservative parents his companion for the family to accept in marriage, only for them to deem it an insanity; has enjoyed wide airplay and become the album’s anthem.

Music lovers have received the genius work of art, with open arms, enjoying not only the beats, but also the lyrical creativity, in capturing topical issues affecting society. It is safe to say, the Four String Confessions have officially been made public for the world to enjoy.

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