The Crucifixion Path redefined in new music book

Thursday, 21 May 2015
The Crucifixion Path redefined in new music book

The story of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ has been told many times. However, various innovative and creative authors always strive to make the story appear new. One such is a middle-aged woman –the self-taught musician, composer of repute and author, Omphemetse Chimbombi.

For those who are wondering who Chimbombi is, she became a darling of the nation in 2012 after innovating and composing a musical single entitled ‘Di ile Dipitse.’ The song recorded and performed by the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) Broadhurst Choir, a choir she conducted for more than 10 years until 2013, was composed to celebrate the debut qualification of the Botswana National Football Team, the Zebras for Africa Cup of Nations finals in 2012. Her latest production, The Crucifixion Path, is a music book with a set of choruses and solo parts that narrates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, his crucifixion and resurrection.

This composition is intended to be used during the Holy week, Good Friday and Easter to remember Jesus’ painful path to the cross and celebrate his resurrection. The Crucifixion Path assures Christians that the life that Jesus Christ’s sufferings in the cross were not in vain but for their salvation.

Through his resurrection Christians believe they shall overcome their challenges no matter what the circumstances are. What is fascinating about Chimbombi is that she is a self-taught musician, whose talent was developed mainly through participation and application, with no formal training in music. Her passion and wide talent ranges from singing, music composition, arrangement and conductorship. Ask any artiste about her, he/she will concur that Chimbombi’s composing and conducting skills have continuously been displayed through the various roles she played and the works she wrote. She published an educational music book entitled: ‘Basic Tonic Solfa Concepts’ in 2007.

The aim of the book is to impart knowledge to choral musicians and those aspiring to be choral musicians to develop their level of aptitude in music reading and performance. That is not all, the multi-talented lady has an artistic urge, inspiration and innovative capacity that led the U.C.C.S.A Broadhurst Choir to sing the gospel of Christ through traditional rhythms and dance, a not so common development in gospel music that was applauded and appreciated by many. 

She led the U.C.C.S.A Broadhurst Choir to participate in international choral music festivals and workshops hosted by various international organisations. Through her leadership and training, the choir demonstrated to the international music fraternity, the vibrancy of a cultured gospel music.

Her rich Curriculum Vitae indicates that she is a former singing member of the KTM Choir, for a number of years, as a Soprano under the directorship of the late Gomolemo Motswaledi. Chimbombi, whose profession is a tax auditor with the BURS, takes pride with the fact that she composed songs for various national competitions and she adjudicates in a number of national music competitions. She hails from Palapye and is married to Dr Ezekiel Chimbombi with whom they are blessed with two sons. The crucifixion path work was published in 2014 and celebrated in concert style performed live by the KTM Choir. The music book is now available on sale.

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