BFA addresses women’s boots row

Neo Masanako - BG Correspondent
Tuesday, 26 March 2019
BFA addresses women’s boots row

The ladies senior national team coach Gaolethoo Nkutusang has put her head on the block to defend Botswana Football Association (BFA) and instructing her players to attend camp with their own boots and trainers.

This week allegations surfaced that there was disorder brewing ahead of the scheduled camp as the ladies have been asked to bring their own training equipment when reporting for camp this coming weekend. It was alleged that the ladies could not be provided with the items as normally done.

Nevertheless, Nkutusang when responding to the matter was quick to shield BFA saying it was actually her idea that players bring their own items. “They will be provided with those boots by BFA however in the mean time while they wait, I asked them to bring their own boots,” the coach said. Ronaldo as the coach is widely known, explained that they cannot waste time waiting for the training equipment to be delivered while they have a few days from playing their first Olympic qualification game against Namibia. Botswana will play Namibia on the 5th of April in Gaborone.

The coach said the squad to face Namibia has already been selected and names will be released soon. With that, Nkutusang said that the ladies should not be cry -babies and toughen up saying that being called up for national team duty means that a player has an opportunity to be signed outside the country if they impress.

“How will they play to perfection if they are busy complaining about new boots, I suggest they use their own boots so that they can be comfortable enough to run in them. A new boot can make a player uncomfortable and they start making excuses, however we have no time for excuses,” defended Nkutusang. Experience has even taught the lady that has been coaching the team for more than five years that players normally fit the new boots and put them aside for their old ones. She noted that its not like the ladies have nothing to use as the players are active at their respective clubs.

The coach went on to say that even the men’s team does not come to camp leaving their boots at home and that is the spirit that the ladies should also adopt. Nkutusang went on to say that BFA have their own shortfalls however they are really trying to rectify their mistakes and resurrect women football. The  coach  expressed confidence that Botswana will in the near future have a competitive women football side, as the BFA Technical Director, Serame Letsoaka is a man busy at work.

Now with, the recent arrival of the German expect Dr. Carolin Bruan, who will be in Botswana for a period of two years,has boosted  Nkutusang’s confidence. For  his part, BFA CEO Mfolo Mfolo said that there is no how they cannot provide the ladies with the much-needed equipment, as they really want to build a competitive ladies team. He explained that there might be some delays but the training gear will eventually come. BFA recently signed a five- year deal with the English sportswear and football equipment supplier Umbro. It was announced that Umbro will supply the national teams with training and off field apparel. 

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