Tennis embraces new software planner

Dimpho Legoreng BG Correspondent
Friday, 10 August 2018
Oaitse Thipe Oaitse Thipe

A new software planner recently acquired  by  the Botswana Tennis Association (BTA) is  expected  to address tournament management problems.

It is alleged that in the past, coaches, parents and even the players themselves have been questioning some of the player selections at the national team.

This  week BG Sport  sources  revealed that tournament registrations, player profiles and the general information have been handled manually subjecting them to possible tampering. In the recently ended Motor Centre Junior Championships, the matches began on scheduled time and a predesigned order of play was followed.

It is said that even though the newly bought software is not fully operational, it saved the association from disgruntled parents and coaches who have had to get disappointed by manual handling of information. In an interview this week with BG Sport, one of the parents, Abiola Dare whose children having been  participating in all BTA sanctioned tournaments, expressed gratitude to the new development.

“We have been coming here over the years and we felt we were taken for granted because we are required to have registered at least a day before the tournament but we always arrive to no draws and plans put in place,” said Dare.

In  an  interview  this week BTA vice chairman and technical director, Oaitse Thipe has since confirmed that the new software is available with them and will be fully functional before the end of this month.

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