Abeco Tanks assist in the fight against Covid-19

Wednesday, 28 July 2021
Abeco Tanks assist in the fight against Covid-19

Botswana is a landlocked country with a population of approximately two million people. The country has an arid climate, the rainfall is not dependable and drought can last for several years at a time.

Water is vital for the efficient operation of business, industry, agriculture, farming & mining, all essential for the economic success of Botswana. Diamond mining is a huge contributor to the economy and requires a large and consistent supply of water.
Abeco Tanks has been instrumental in supplying the country with water tanks to save and store water for those times when there is an interruption in the water supply.

The Abeco stainless steel water tanks come in a variety of sizes and can store up to 50 million litres of water. They are known as water banks because they save water similar to a savings account saves money. Over 35 years ago the late Mannie Ramos Snr. saw that a problem of water scarcity in Africa would become a serious one and understood that forethought and planning were needed.

Today his two sons Mannie Ramos Jnr and Duane Ramos run the business. They have a 269 000 square foot manufacturing facility in Johannesburg and only use South African companies as suppliers insisting on supporting local first. They have created jobs for South Africans and today have staff that have been with them since the inception of the company.

“It is extremely important to educate people to view water as the most valuable currency and commodity and to no longer waste it,” Ramos Jnr says. “Eliminating wastage will mean that there is supply during times of crisis”.
Mannie Ramos Snr started Abeco Tanks in the nineteen-eighties and the family has never looked back. The company has grown from strength to strength and today reaches worldwide into areas including, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Middle East, Central America, and the entire African continent.

They have also become a necessary purchase for essential services like stores, hospitals, vets, dentists, doctors, farming, and schools and for those in the rural areas where they have to walk for hours to collect water.
With the onset of Covid, the uninterrupted supply of water became even more important for hygienic reasons. The frequent washing of hands became imperative to curb the spread of the virus.

The borders were closed and the country had to ensure that all essential services were running efficiently and at full capacity. The water tanks became a vital resource supplying water to overburdened medical facilities, for agriculture to ensure the supply of food and for grocery stores supplying food.

In the rural areas, the communities need tanks for their immediate water supply. With the tanks positioned close to home they no longer need to walk for hours each day to find water and with their numerous taps, the long queues have been eliminated.
The tanks also ensure that the farmers in the rural areas have a steady supply of water for their livestock and crops. The local farmers became an essential part of the food supply in the country during the lockdown.

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Why use Abeco Tanks?
These water tanks are constructed using high-quality stainless-steel plates that are bolted together at the site where they will be standing. Due to the plates being separate they are light to transport making it easy to reach rural or out-of-the-way locations. They are easy to construct meaning that simple equipment is used eliminating the need for transporting heavy equipment to the site.

The stainless-steel plates are also hot-dip galvanised ensuring no corrosion over time. The water inside the tank is always bacteria and algae free as there can never be any light or ultraviolet rays penetrating through the steel affecting it. The stainless-steel plates or panels are also put through a cold-working process which produces yield stress drawing quality steel. This ensures the steel is not affected by the pressure of the water.

The bolts and nuts used are of a high tensile grade also ensuring the tanks will be of maximum strength. The internal bracing holding the tanks together is made of angle iron which is bolted to the base plates which are in turn bolted to the tank panels. The rubber components and sealants are non-toxic and non-tainting. The final product is one of maximum strength that will stand the test of time holding and saving fresh drinkable hygienic water.

The water tanks come in many shapes and sizes including rectangular, circular, and custom-made either elevated or at ground level. Abeco Tanks can manufacture and install a tank to fit any space. When purchasing a water tank it is important to select a company that will be there for the long haul. The Abeco Tanks are of such quality that they will be standing for many years to come and excellent customer service and maintenance after installation is imperative.

Abeco Tanks has stood the test of time for over 35 years. The company currently operates in 35 countries worldwide and has proven itself to offer excellent quality products along with after-sales service!

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