Gamodubu Police road block collected P5 million since 2016

Dikarabo Ramadubu - BG Reporter
Friday, 21 December 2018
Gamodubu Police road block collected P5 million since 2016

Botswana Police has generated over P5 million in road offenders charges since they mounted a road block at Gamodubu on the Gaborone-Molepolole road since 2016, Parliament has been told.

Gamodubu road block is one of the most effective as motorists cannot avoid it. The offences range from driving a vehicle which is not roadworthy, drunk driving, unlicensed drivers, pirating and over loading to mention, but a few.Answering a question in parliament, Acting minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Dr Pelonomi Venson- Moitoi said since it was mounted in July 2016 the road block at Gamodubu has generated P5 619 550. Moitoi was answering a question from Member of Parliament for Molepolole South, Dr Tlamelo Mmatli.

Dr Mmatli had asked how much revenue the permanent roadblock at Gamodubu has generated since its mounting. In a supplemetary question MP for Selibe Phikwe West, Dithapelo Keorapetse asked if it was true that the Commissioner of Police has issued an instruction to all police stations around the country to use all available avenues to collect traffic fines including forcing drivers to pay. Venson- Moitoi could not confirm nor deny, but said she would not consider it abnormal that a manager would set targets or insist that the law be applied.

“If the police are put on the road to apply the law and deal with offenders of traffic laws, I am sure that he would insist that all offences be dealt with and the necessary charges and fines collected. There would be nothing abnormal about that.” MP for Gaborone North  Haskins Nkaigwa asked how true it is that the money collected from traffic fines is not deposited directly into the Consolidated  Fund, but instead goes to the Commissioner’s office and they in turn use such funds to address the police needs. Venson- Moitoi said she would have to get the MP that information, “but my first understanding is that first the police collect it. How much of that goes to the Consolidated Fund, I would have to get you that information.”

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