Botswana should cut diplomatic relations with Israel

Nelson Ramaotwana
Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Nelson Ramaotwana Nelson Ramaotwana

We are shocked, dismayed and disgusted by the barbaric killings of the Palestinian people by the evil apartheid Jewish State of Israel. It is now common knowledge that the axis of evilness (being Israel) butchered 58 Palestinian people in its quest to forcefully and unlawfully occupy and install its father’s (America) embassy in the city of Jerusalem.

The BNF abhors barbaric acts which have been perpetuated by Israel since 1897. In 1897, Theodor Herzl and two Austrian rabbis travelled to Palestine to explore possibility of locating a Jewish State there. During the expedition, Theodor and his team envied the Palestine land and began a mission to uproot or evacuate Palestinian people from their land. It is imperative to mention that prior to Theodor’s expedition, the Israelis in 1892 only occupied 0.08 percent of Palestinian land.

After Theodor’s expedition, the Israelis, formed a Jewish National Fund (JNF) to purchase Palestinian land for use by Jewish only. Most of Palestinians were poor working peasants owned by the rich Jewish or absentee landlord. These poor Palestinian were forced to evacuate their land or killed like animals. The plan of butchering and stealing land belonging to Palestine is captured in the words of Theodor, wherein he pledged to destroy Palestinian people and stole their land. He said; “We (Israel) shall try to spirit the penniless (Palestinian) population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it any employment in Palestine … Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly”.

Imperialists such as United States of America, Great Britain and others promoted massacring of Palestinian people by the Jewish state. In 1915, Sir Henry McMahon, the British High Commissioner to Cairo sponsored Sharif Hussein (with a monthly salary of £200,000.00) to incite revolutions and decimation of Palestinians.

The imperialist countries mentioned above sponsored and encouraged the killing, expropriation of Palestinians’ land and evacuation of the Palestinian people from their land. Hence, the current barbaric and indifferent attitude of Israel to the rights of Palestinians.

Israel is a spoilt and evil child who does not care about the United Nation General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions. In the early stages of the conflict, the UN was confused as it aided the apartheid Israel by making dubious resolutions. On the 29th November 1947, the UN voted to divide Palestine into Arab and Jewish States, with the City of Jerusalem being administered by the UN. At the time of dividing Palestine, Jews made 32 percent of the population and owned 5.6 percent of the land in Palestine. Imperialists who funded UN activities resolved to award 57 percent of Palestine land to Israel. The terms of partitioning Palestine were forced by the United States which bankrolled UN financially. The Partition was rejected by the Palestinians.

The massacre of Palestinians and the campaign by the evil Israel to depopulate the land of Palestinians reached its zenith on the 14th May 1948, when Israel unilaterally declared itself the Jewish state led by David Ben-Gurion. The killing of Palestinians was disguised as war of independence by the Israelis and Palestinians called it Nakbah- the catastrophe.

The catastrophe of butchering Palestinians and the resistance to be evacuated from their motherland continued unabated under the watchful eye of the UN. As if, to say thank you, for killing Palestinians, the UN admitted the merciless killer, that was and still is, Israel, to be a member on the 11th May 1949. However, the UN placed Israel under three conditions, namely; 1) the status of Jerusalem would not be tempered with; 2) the Palestinian Arabs would be allowed to return to their homes; and, 3) the borders established by the partition decision would be respected. Israel disobeyed these conditions and many subsequent resolutions with impunity.

In 1948-49 Israel embarked on its expansionist policy coupled by butchering of Palestinians and surrounding Arab Nations. Its continued war-mongering stance led to the UN Security Council to pass Resolution 242 on the 22nd November 1967 and ordered Israel to withdraw from East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza strip with immediate effect. The stubborn Israel failed to honour UN Resolution 242. Nothing was done to enforce Resolution 242 militarily as we saw in other countries where the UN Security Council together with NATO, will be quick to bomb such countries in the name of imported democracy. To this date, even the so-called allies of Western imperialism who often boast of being morally guardians of the global politics, cannot dare Israel militarily. We know NATO, a western imperialist military wing, killed Gadhafi, Saddam Hussein, and recently bombed Syria led by America under the guise of protecting innocent people. Just next door to Syria, the apartheid Israel kills Palestinians every day and the world moral guardians turn a blind eye.

In light of a campaign by the evil Apartheid State of Israel, to kill innocent Palestinians, in the quest to depopulate Palestine land, the BNF calls upon the UN to expel Israel from its membership. We also call upon NATO and all charlatans who call themselves moral guardians of world politics, to conduct military campaign against the Jewish State in a similar fashion done to Gadhafi and others.

The BNF does not only condemn the barbaric acts of Israel but call upon the government of Botswana to terminate forthwith all diplomatic relations, trade linkages, military and intelligence support from Israel.

We call upon Batswana from all walks of life to boycott and disinvest from Israel products and businesses in solidarity with 58 butchered and 2700 injured Palestinians.

The BNF also condemns President Donald Trump for his impulsive and erratic foreign policy which aided Israel to set up American embassy in Jerusalem thereby fueling conflicts. We call upon the Americans to relieve Trump the Presidency of the United States of America before he causes Third World War (WWIII). We congratulate South Africa for its bold move it took to recall its Ambassador and send the Israelis one packing.

The BNF further sends its condolences to the family and friends of the butchered Palestinians.


May their soul rest in peace.

Nelson Ramaotwana

BNF, Secretary for International Affairs

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