Mnangagwa’s visit consolidates Zim/Bots friendship

Dikarabo Ramadubu
Monday, 19 February 2018
Mnangagwa, Khama cement relations Mnangagwa, Khama cement relations

Whether at the state luncheon, Parliament or meeting with Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, Zimbabwean President Emerson Mnangagwa emerged as a man all out to reconcile his country and rebuild the economy.

He confidently told his audience that with the assistance of Botswana, SADC, African Union and the entire world, Zimbabwe will go back to normalcy. He believes that there is no place better than home and is looking forward to receiving back home many of his country men and women- together with their spouses- who live in Botswana. 

When addressing parliament on Monday during his first state visit, Mnangagwa expressed his appreciation for the hospitality and opportunities that Botswana has extended to Zimbabweans over the years. It was also his first address to a full session of parliament in a foreign land since he became president last November. 

“ I know that in your various constituencies, you host many Zimbabweans. I wish to express my appreciation for the hospitality, opportunities you have extended to my country men and women. It is in this spirit of togetherness and Ubuntu that you have opened your doors to my countrymen and women during the time of their need.  These noble deeds will be forever etched in our hearts and minds”. 

Extending an invitation to his fellow country men and women to return home, he said that as their economy prospects improve, “We shall be expecting and receiving them back home, many of them in the company of their Tswana spouses”. 

“My government will continue to work tirelessly to create a peaceful and stable political and social economic environment which will enable us to move forward as a prosperous nation that will afford each and every one of us an opportunity to realise our full potential. As we pursue objectives I shall count on your solidarity and goodwill”.

Reaffirm friendship

 Mnangagwa said he came to Botswana to reaffirm an old enduring special friendship that Zimbabwe and Botswana share. “Of course all relationships have their ups and downs, however, we have worked together to overcome some of these challenges. I am here to herald the present and gaze with optimism into the future. Needless to say Parliamentarians are a pivotal part of democracy. Each nation gives life to democracy in its own way and in line with its constitution. 

“More often than not, governments that respect the will of their own people are more prosperous, stable and successful. Parliaments now represent informed societies especially with advent of internet riding on social media platforms which are opening new doors for improved dialogue between citizens and their elected representatives.” 

Elections 2018

 Mnangagwa told parliament that preparations for the elections have been going on smoothly with more than 5 million eligible voters already registered by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. “Our elections will be guided by the SADC and AU principles and guidelines. SADC and AU member states are always welcome to observe our elections,” he said.

“My government thrust is the economic growth engagement with countries and international organisations we had misunderstandings with before as well as consolidating long standing friendships like with Botswana. My administration is working hard to attract foreign direct investment in order to revive and grow our economy. 

“In that regard we have been working on improving the investment climate in Zimbabwe. We have amended the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act which now limits the 51- 49 percent shareholding structure to only two minerals that is platinum and diamonds because we are still crafting our policy around those two minerals”. 

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