I’ve everything under control

Nicholas Mokwena
Thursday, 26 October 2017

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leader, Advocate Duma Boko says he has everything under control despite claims that the ship is sinking under his watch.

Critics have been vocal that Advocate Boko, who is also President of Botswana National Front, (BNF) is failing his party and the coalition movement. His poor leadership and failure to work with other members of his central committee came under the spotlight when former BNF Youth League President Khumoekae Richard lambasted his once close ally. 

Richard has even labelled Advocate Boko a dictator who cannot liberate Batswana. Richard and some members of the BNFYL have since joined newly-formed Alliance for Progressives (AP).

These critics, according to Advocate Boko, would not shake him. “I know they go around saying things about me. Whatever they are saying about me has made me strong. This is not the first time I have been under this litmus test. I used to be there and I managed to come out victorious and the BNF and the UDC came out of that storm more united and this is what is going to happen,” said Boko in a short interview with this publication. He revealed that he has told both the BNF and UDC supporters not to worry about him.

“At night I sleep peacefully. I suspect those who are making noise do not get a sleep. I have been through rough times and cannot be bothered by some small talks. At the UDC and BNF we are serious and cannot be derailed by small talks that would not change the lives of Batswana,” he told this publication before reiterating his statement at BNF Women League Elective Congress in Kanye over the weekend.


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