Agents say DISS practices favouritism

Nicholas Mokwena - BG reporter
Saturday, 13 August 2016
Agents say DISS practices favouritism

All is not well within Botswana’s most feared secret agency, the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS). Some members of the notorious spy agency are not happy at the way they are being treated, Botswana Guardian has gathered. Sources at DISS have told Botswana Guardian too much favouritism is killing morale at the organisation.

The most affected are the agents who have been recruited from the government security. In the past few years DISS engaged in a massive recruitment drive including reaching out to security officers from government, police officers and Botswana Defence Force (BDF) officers. “The issue which is of major concern within our organisation concerns training, promotion and participation in operations. Some of us who were recruited from the government security are being sidelined,” said a source. The disgruntled agents accuse their superiors of favouring agents who were previously in the employ of the BDF.

Another source revealed that about 100 former government security officers and now DISS agents have expressed their displeasure about this treatment during various meetings. The agents have queried that during their recruitment they were promised intensive intelligence training and participation in the agency’s various operations. “We never get promotion or participate in those operations. Some have gone for the one-year training while others have not. Even if you have undergone training you are overlooked and those who are picked are from BDF.

The only job that former government security officer do is being a registry officer at the offices- it is basically clerical work that we do,” said the source, adding, “We are never promoted. All that was promised during recruitment has never occurred. Of course in most cases our training is integrated training where we go in group. Upon completion of the training we are placed in different divisions but you would find that those you trained with are progressing while you are in one rank for a long time even years.” The disgruntled members are said to have on several meetings demanded answers as to the promises made to them but nothing has come to pass. The concerns are said to have been expressed during meetings with DISS boss Isaac Kgosi while his subordinates had promised to take up the matter with him at other meetings at which he was not present.

The officers claim that no one except for former BDF members, has been promoted or participated in any of the operations undertaken. The agents are said to be reluctant to take the matter further or organise themselves to petition their leaders because within the spy agency there is no trust. Everyone is said to be looking over their shoulders, as the agents do not trust each other.

Apparently no one wants to take a lead in approaching the management because they fear losing their jobs. It is alleged that even though DISS Director General Kgosi has introduced an open door policy, the agents who do not trust their superiors are reluctant to approach Kgosi. Contacted for comment Kgosi said given the sensitivity of his organ, he is hindered to discuss any matter with third party regarding DISS.

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