Flo-Tek launches new plumbing solution

Andrew Maramwidze - BG reporter
Tuesday, 21 May 2019
Flo-Tek launches new plumbing solution

Flo-Tek Pipes and Irrigation has launched its latest plumbing solution, acquired from a US based company Lubrizol Corporation. According to the company, the product is easy to install, durable and an economic plumbing solution. The new Chlorinated Poly Vinly Chloride (CPVC) pipes dubbed Flo-Tek Flowguard is a plumbing solution that is used for both hot and cold water applications.

“The solution has been used in US for the past 50 years and 25 years in Asia and the Gulf countries,” said Vijay Naik, Flo-Tek Managing Director. He stated the solution is 25 to 30 percent cheaper than traditional plumbing solutions.“It is also corrosion resistant and has no theft value,” added Naik, citing that the innovation is billed to be ‘a game changer’ in plumbing and building industries.

Naik said Flo-Tek is constantly coming up with innovative solutions, as the company position itself as an innovative manufacturer. The company has also expanded its local footprint through opening another manufacturing plant in Ramotswa, adding to its Lobatse operations. With operations in Botswana, Angola and South Africa, Flo-Tek is the largest producer of plastic pipes in the region with a production capacity of 35 000 tonnes annually

Naik said over 50 percent of the production is done in Botswana, while 70 percent of that production is exported into the SADC region. The new Flo-Tek technology has been granted certification of BOS ISO 15877-2 for CPVC pipes by the Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS). Speaking at the award ceremony of certification to Flo Tek, BOBS Managing Director, Masego Marobela said the certification licence confers the company and indicates Flo-Tek compliance to requirements.

“This is an indicator and proof that the company manufacturers products that comply to standards and in a consistent manner, geared towards satisfying customers,” said Marobela. Marobela said BOBS will continue to monitor Flotek’s conformance to the requirements of the standard through surveillance inspections and product testing.Dilip Zawar, Flo-Tek quality manager said BOBS has been instrumental in assisting the company set up and maintain quality standards.

“We really want to see the growth of a quality orientated plastic industry in Botswana and we can only achieve that through combined efforts,” said Zawar.Quality issues have been part of Flo-Tek since inception, the company started operations in Lobatse around September 1998, and at the same time BOBS established technical committee.

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