Special Projects for 2013

The future is what you determine it to be. If you do nothing, then you are bound to go with the flow. I have always had trouble with going with the flow, especially that I don’t know where it is flowing. For people who like to take charge of their lives, being prepared is more important than the “wait and see” attitudes of the multitudes.
A new year almost always offers new possibilities. I say almost always because we don’t always take advantage of new beginnings offered to us. We’re too busy celebrating, and then … Wham! We’re back at work. Try not to do that to yourself again. Give yourself time to be alone to contemplate what you want the New Year to bring for you. Create your year.

There are certain things that are standard protocols of life. They will happen to you and you will finance them just as you have been doing all along. Rent, or your engagement with your bond-holder; food and toilet paper; fuel and shoes; school fees and book covers; phone bills and water bills; your prepaid choices and your post-paid obligations! All of these will follow you. If you stop at these, you will not grow. You will shrink because the costs of all of these will go up and you might have to downgrade your toilet paper.
I suggest you plan to grow in 2013.

You grow by budgeting for all your standard protocols, and then special projects! Special projects include anything you would like to do or achieve in 2013, even if you have no current money for it. Put all of these special projects in your 2013 budget under that heading, “special projects”, whatever they may be.
Compute how much each of your special projects may cost you. Chances are, all of these are outside your standard protocols of life.
Now here is the fun part that may determine whether you grow or not. Have a section in your budget or plan that says: “financing of special projects”.

Now, before you fill this part in, on a separate sheet of paper, or flip chart, brainstorm all possible systems you could implement that could bring extra money to finance your special projects. Keep brainstorming without judgement! Let the storm in the brain rage! Put everything that comes to mind down, no matter how ridiculous.

Now, with the storm calm, go through each of these ideas to see which one is more practical. Choose ideas that you could implement that can bring in extra income. Some of these will be based on skills and talents you already have but have not been employing. Many of these will be new territories for you. Plan for an adventure. If you are afraid, good, you will be out of your comfort zone.
If you need assistance, get a mentor! Don’t shrink away from growth. Don’t settle for standard protocols. Explore these new territories. Your salvation may just lie in these unexplored territories!

Now, fill in your 2013 budget plan, and FOCUS!
Namaste. Follow me on twitter @101silverline. Let’s do this year!

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