Sgotti restaurant, formerly located at CBD, has relocated to Rail Park Mall and re-branded Sgotti Express. Situated at the Food Court, between Wimpy and Chicken Licken, the restaurant has attracted dozens of customers who refer to it as a home away from home where they can sample and feast on scrumptious Setswana cuisine. 

The restaurant is one of the few eateries in the city that prides itself for serving its customers Setswana cuisines. The brains behind Sgotti restaurant, Tebogo Matenge and her husband, have breathed life into a dream spurred on by their love for hospitality. Matenge still maintains that when they conceptualised the restaurant they wanted to create a home away from home for their local patrons a place where people from far off places could experience ‘Tatso ya Setswana’.

“We strive to specialise in Tatso ya Setswana. All our dishes tend to create a buzz,” she says. Favourite dishes for their customers includes bogobe jwa lerotse, koko ya Setswana, morogo wa dinawa, mokoto, mokwetjepe and oxtail with dumplings.

Matenge explains that what sets their restaurants from other restaurants in town is ‘Botho’. She highlights that from the minute that a customer walks in, they treat them like one would treat a guest at a village.
Secondly, she points out that their entire menu is based on local dishes, sourced from local suppliers from as far as Serule and Sebina.  “We are experts in the field, having trained in one of the best institutions in the world. In other words, we know and understand what we are doing,” she says.

Explaining the idea behind one of their latest concepts titled Sgotti mo strateng, where they visit different parts of the city, reaching out to new and old customers, she explains that one of the challenges that they had in the past was accessibility for some of their customers and potential customers.

“We wanted to bring the same, fantastic ‘Tatso’ and ‘Botho’ to the people. We want them to experience great taste and great service on their own turf.” She also notes that the dishes on their menu are affordable. Prices range from a scrumptious meal that goes for as little as P20, and that they offer ‘letswainyana’, or a snack if one has P5 in their pockets.

Matenge says that they are also working on the second annual Tatso Ya Setswana event. The event seeks to celebrate Setswana cuisine and was launched last year. Details about the event will be revealed soon.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 16:51

Traditional cuisine sampling coming

All roads lead to Maitisong this Saturday for the inaugural Tatso Ya Setswana taste explosion. The event, the brainchild of Sgotti Cocktail & Bar, offers patrons a chance to sample some of the best traditional cuisines. “We normally have a problem of finding reliable suppliers of local food items such as kgodu and phane, and this will also be our way of finding reliable suppliers,” the owner of Sgotti, Tebogo Matenge, explained.

About the concept, Matenge said Sgotti specializes in traditional cuisine and that the event comes on the backdrop of Botswana celebrating her golden Jubilee. According to her, the event aims at creating awareness of the traditional cuisine as well as negates the perception that traditional food is scarce.

On the menu, guests will enjoy dishes that include Bogobe jwa lerotse, seswaa and many more. Beverages on the day will include traditional brew as well as Gemere. What distinguishes this event from other similar concepts is the fact that this one is very intimate, and only targets a small number of patrons. One of the challenges that the organisers came across had to do with logistics of sourcing some food items from different parts of the country. Their initial plan was to have almost every food item from different tribes, but that proved to be a mammoth task.

On promoting youth entrepreneurship, Matenge said they are catered for in the exhibition platform. “We have companies that are owned by young Batswana”. She added that the fee to exhibit also goes hand in hand with the fact that they wish to expose them.

She points out that like other local companies they dealt with challenges such as shortage of funds and sponsors. But she says that all is not lost as they have partnered with Maitisong, as well as the artists who will perform on the day including Mafitlhakgosi Traditional Dance Troupe.

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