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Ringo and Lizibo mesmerize

Mascom Live Sessions never cease to amaze, as the long anticipated show by Ringo and the local act, Lizibo went accordingly this past weekend as people flocked for the show.

Despite the not so clear sound, people seemed to have enjoyed the entire show from the time when Lizibo electrified everyone with both his voice and super dance moves. On that cloudy, chilly night people came to enjoy the night not bothered by the ‘what if it rains’ question.  Very often, Mascom Live Sessions are crowded by the young people, but it seemed that Ringo and Lizibo changed the expectation this time, as families and older people came in to watch the two stars of the night.

It was a chilled session in which some elderly came with their camp chairs to relax and listen to the soul soothing music by the two artists. “Ringo reminds me of the good days of my life that I had growing up and there was no way I could miss this show,” said one of the attendants. “I have never been to Mascom Live Sessions before, but when I heard that Ringo would be in Botswana, I made sure that my schedule was cleared so that I could attend, and I do not regret coming here. It is a simple chilled night for me and Ringo’s songs humbled me. He has a magical voice,” said Gofa Mere.

A lot of people also applauded Lizibo, saying that the man is incredibly talented, and he never disappoints on stage. His recent song, ‘Mosadi o ntshiwa di-out e seng dikeledi’ also resonated well to a lot of people, especially women who said it is a song with a meaningful message in this era of Gender based violence. Everyone cheered, sang and danced along as he performed. 

The sophisticated artist simply masters his art of music; let alone how he dresses up for the stage. Just like it is a norm for the local act to take the stage first, after he did his part, Ringo followed and continued giving people what they have long anticipated. His popular song, ‘Sondela’ also gained the show the momentum as everyone appreciated it.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018 11:34

Mascom Live sessions last offering

The 44th Mascom Live Sessions event is set to be a bang. The show features none other than the trending Han C, and Mi Casa from South Africa. Han C featuring DJ Kuchi, recently released one of the best and trending songs for this year. The song titled Rejection is a marvellous piece of work, and is currently on high rotation.

His other recent releases include Mafurafura, and he worked alongside Berry Bone on the hit.  Mi Casa comprises of members Dr. Duda and pianist, J’Something, and Mo-T and Robbie Rob. Their last performance at the Mascom Live Sessions was in 2014. The event is billed for December 14th, and has been dubbed the #Seasonshutdown.  Seeing as the two performers have a special place in the hearts of local revellers, this will be one show that is a must attend by all.

Oliver Groth of Botswana Craft explains that revellers can expect to dance, dance and dance. Groth says that with the heat waves that have been engulfing the country, this will be the perfect opportunity for revellers to come and dance the night away.
He also says that they opted for the two acts, which he says are both relevant for their audience.  Han C, he says, is trending right now and doing very well in the market. Mi Casa has not been in the country for a while.
“We want them to come and have a party and dance the night away,” he says.

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The legendary Sipho Hotstix Mabuse is making his maiden appearance at Botswana Craft to kick off Spring in style as the Mascom Live Sessions return on August 25th. 

This is one show strictly for those familiar with music by the legends and should not be attended by greenhorns. That is unless, the audience in question would be attending the show to go and watch local artist, A.T.I setting the stage on fire and performing material from his latest album Envelop that has hits such as Khiri Khiring Khorong.

The energetic A.T.I born Atsasaone Molemogi is making a return to the Mascom Live Sessions events having previously shared the stage with the likes of Bongo Maffin when they reunited on stage on May 2014. A release states that Sipho Mabuse has been working in the music industry for decades and created hits like Jive Soweto, Shikisa and Burn Out, all of which still remain household hits.  

He is one of Africa’s living legends in the music industry and Botswana Craft is honoured to host him as he headlines the 37th Mascom Live Sessions event. The shows have been running since 2011 and have featured top musical talent from across the globe. Artists who have already serenaded Batswana include Ringo Madlingozi, Afro Jazz Trio (made up of Kearoma Rantao, Shanti Lo, and Nnunu), Micasa, Zahara, Hugh Masekela, Freshly Ground, Salif Keita, as well as Andy Narell.  The event is meant to provide a bigger platform for local artists alongside their international counterparts. Sponsors and partners of the Mascom Live Sessions include Travelodge, The Voice, Duma FM, the Gazette, Savanna, MI5 and Mascom. 

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The second instalment of the Mascom Live Sessions 2017, held this past Friday at BotswanaCraft, captivated all in attendance and the performances left the audience begging for more. The curtain raiser, the ever stylish and gregarious Lizibo, gave everyone their money’s worth with a performance that lived up to expectation. He performed songs that include the popular Mosadi.

During the performance he asked legendary guitarist John Selolwane to act as the uncle who hands over Lizibo’s wife. The “wife” turned out to be none other than Sadi Dikgaga who Lizibo referred to as his better half and bestowed her as Mrs. Simon. The two later sang a duet, True Love, which is featured on Lizibo’s latest album.

Sadi undoubtedly proved that she is more than a pretty face as she has oodles of talent. The media personality, who is also brand ambassador for Glambition Hair and Gene Media, looked radiant on stage and swayed seductively in a black body-forming halter neck gown as she serenaded the crowd with her smooth melodic voice. Lizibo closed his set by singing Malebeswa, the same title of his album. The song has a reggae feel and upbeat tempo and the audience bopped their heads and jived to the jam.

The main attraction, musician and composer, Selaelo Selota, who has six albums under his belt, pranced onto the stage dressed to the nines in a pin-striped blue, black and white jacket, white shirt and pants, complete with formal Italian shoes. A chocolate fountain of flesh and muscle, the Limpopo-born man stunned with his chiselled physique, which shows that he works out religiously.

The energetic Selota took to humping in the air, much to the excitement of some women in the audience, who screamed excitedly, perhaps bedazzled by his eyebrow raising crotch acrobatics. But it was his strumming on the guitar that left many mesmerised. Selota is a musical beast; it is like he was born strumming away on the guitar. His fingers moved magically and effortlessly as he kept his head in the air, eyes half-closed, as if transported to another world and occasionally contorting his face into strange facial expression like he is being electrocuted. He was clearly on a high. The original guitarist who is known to be calm off stage but a crazy ball of energy on stage, performed songs such as Le le kae, Thrrr phaa and Lolita. The nostalgia classic song, Dali wa tsamaya, which is a crowd favourite, had the audience singing along happily.

Selota later introduced his backing vocalist, Surprise Malanga-Mathabela, as his vocal protégé. A regal woman, dressed in an African print boob-tube top and skinny jeans with court heels, her slender frame and smooth skin gave her the appearance of someone who takes regular milk baths and enemas. She is also quite a lady; she danced in a proper manner, not lifting her legs up too high nor jumping up and down, that by the time she got off the stage, she was still as put together as when the performance started.

 Selota told the audience that he was in awe when he first heard her sing. “I met her about three months ago and realised that she had to share her gift.  She is very talented… you should look out for her,” he said. There was a moment of silence when the lady belted out in tune.

Her hauntingly beautiful rich voice left the audience spellbound. She sang effortlessly but her voice filled and riverberated across the venue. The band members were also on steroids. The pianists hammered the keyboard with unmatched passion, the percussionist was on a musical high and the drummer hit notes like his life depended on it.

At some point it was like a competition of ‘amazing noise’ as all four keyed, strummed, drummed and stomped in wild unison taking the audience into a wild frenzy. Selota also took a moment to pay homage to local jazz artists such as Sereetsi and the Natives, Zeus and Shanti Lo, among others, before calling Lizibo back onstage for what appeared to be an impromptu vocal duet that closed the show.

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Aspectacular and thrilling show under the Mascom Live Sessions is slated to take place on 9 December 2016 at the BotswanaCraft.

The organisers have really come to the party for this one and are pulling all the stops to ensure that this is a show not to be easily forgotten, with a line-up that will excite fans. For the first time in the history of the sessions, South Africa’s popular Afro pop group Mafikizolo, is comprised of Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza and they will bring the house down alongside Botswana’s very own local sensation Thabang Gaarogwe who will be the curtain raiser for the acclaimed group.

Mafikizolo is not your average group. You have to see them with your very own eyes in order to appreciate what they can unleash. From the minute that they take to the stage to the time that they bow down, you will remain glued to the stage as they take you through their groovy set. The dynamic duo that has worked with some of the top artists across the African continent take their craft seriously and always ensure that they give their fans a show worth remembering. The group has several albums under their belt including Reunited, Sibongile, Kwela, Van Toeka, Six Mabone and Gate Crashers.

Fans can look forward to performances of popular hits such as Khona, Ndihamba Nawe and O tswa kae. This promises to be one huge party that anybody who wishes to start the festive season and jam in style would not want to miss. And for those who have been cursed with two left feet, between now and beginning of December, they have time to polish their dance moves and hopefully move like eels on the dance floor on the night.

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Friday, 02 September 2016 12:33

Oliver Mtukudzi back with Tuku Magic

One of Africa’s most celebrated musical icons, Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits will visit Gaborone in October as part of his annual pilgrimage for the Mascom Live Sessions festival. The show will be held at Botswana Craft on October 7 and will feature Botswana’s most trending folk group Sereetsi and the Natives.

Tickets to the show are P250. This will be a special performance for Mtukudzi, who turns 64 on September 22. There is never a dull moment on stage when the musician is on stage and he is anticipated to give his legion of fans an unforgettable musical feast. The Zimbabwean born musician, businessman, philanthropist, human rights activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Southern Africa, has six albums under his belt including Tuku music (1999), Bvuma Tolerance (2001), Paivepo (2000), Tsimba Itsoka (2007), Vhunze Moto (2002) and Rudaviro (2012).

The Mascom Live sessions have been running since 2011 and feature an array of musical talents from across the world. Artists that have serenaded Botswana in the past include the likes of Ringo Madlingozi, Amatle Brown, Afro Jazz Trio (Kearoma Rantao, Shanti Lo and Nnunu), Micasa, Zahara, Hugh Masekela, Freshly Ground, Salif Keita and Andy Narell. The event is staged in order to provide a platform for local artists to perform alongside their international counterparts.

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