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Treats for the body, mind and soul

Afro Botho is set to roll out a series of contemplative practices dubbed ‘Afro Treats’, which are Body, Mind and Soul sessions curated for clients. The desire is for the client to pause from their busy schedules and take a much needed time to  Relax, Rejuvenate and Reset. These services will be offered in Maun and the greater Gaborone.

The event comes amid the many challenges that many are faced with due to the COVID-19 pandemic, activating a lot of anxiety and fear. The events are to take place in October and according to MotherK Masire, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed or stressed as we navigate all of the changes simultaneously. It is during these times when self-care is crucial to good mental and physical health, she explains.

She further says that they have identified two beautiful spaces, and collaborated with them to offer these mental health sessions. An environment and its energy is critical for Afro Botho in providing holistic’ value added service hence the collaboration with Kana Jang at African Casa in Ruretse and Baratani Lodge in Otse to cater for clients in the greater Gaborone zone. Both  places offer serenity and peace of mind.

They will host the inaugural Tea Meditation at Kana Jang   at African Casa in Ruretse on October 25th. The second event is penciled to take place on November 1st at Baratani Lodge in Otse. Masire explains that Tea Meditation commune is an intentional time and space where they gather and enjoy tea primarily in silence, with time for discussion and questions.

“It is a quiet place to contemplate and grow ourselves, to detach from modern anxieties and stressors, and enjoy the moment. Just as one might use sound or movement as a focus for contemplation, tea facilitates physical awareness, stillness, and community,” she explains.

She further notes that the experience will afford their clients with time to enjoy meditative community experience, while learning skills and insights that can deepen their own contemplative practice and appreciation of tea. “It is beginner friendly, inclusive and trauma-sensitive - no previous tea or meditation experience required,” she explains.

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Afro Botho hosts retreat session in Maun

Afro Botho will host an intimate session this weekend in Maun. The retreat seeks to give about 15 participants a chance to rejuvenate their bodies, tap into nature and meditate, breath and be able to reset their lives for the next quarter of the year. The session, titled Pause, Breath & Reset Mindfulness weekend, will start on Friday evening, and end on Sunday after brunch.

According to the organiser, MotherK Masire highlights that the event will include meditation at a special spot along the river, as well as other activities that will rejuvenate them. Masire points out that this is a relaxed retreat, and that those who are attending it, don’t have to worry about being exhausted or doing anything hectic. She explains that they want the session to be as intimate as possible. “The retreat comes on the backdrop of the fact that people lead hectic lives nowadays, chasing deadlines and doing a bit of this and that.

This often means that they never get time to do a simple thing such as breathing,” she says.

Mindfulness is a state of active and open attention on the present. When one learns about mindfulness, it feels like having an out of body experience, but it happens on your mind. It allows one to study their own self, mind, study their thoughts, feelings, friendships and your environment. Once one is in sync with everything around them, they gain spiritual fulfilment and can find peace. “The practice of Mindfulness helps us recognise our thought patterns as we learn to be the observers of our minds,” she said in a previous interview.

Afro Botho is conceptualised by Dr Didi Biorn and Masire. The duo is presently based in Maun. In the past, Afro Botho organised events such as marking the World Mental Health Day under the tagline Heal the Healer.

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Friday, 21 October 2016 12:27

Afro Botho hosts mental wellness session

October 10th is commemorated as the World Mental Health Day. To mark this day, Afro Botho organised an intimate session held under the theme, Psychological First Aid and the support that people can provide to those in distress.

As much as the day is commemorated internationally, at some point in our lives we all go through a period of distress and longing for that one voice that can reach out to you and ascertain whether you are fine. But that is not always the case. Everyday, be it mild, or once off, or something that requires the attention of experts, one finds themselves in dire situation when it feels like no one understands what you are going through. At other times you just feel blue with emotions overwhelm you, which is where psychological first aid comes in handy.

The event held under the tagline Heal the Healer was an intimate session that brought together different ambassadors of Afro Botho under one roof to take time out from their hectic every day schedules and afford them time to do a body scan. MotherK Masire and Didi Biorn heads Afro Botho. According to Afro Botho, mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and act.

Sharing her story, Biorn says that in 2012 she was in the depth of her depression and that she didn’t know what to do especially as she is the psychologist and the healer. She also says that she took to all the things that she had been taught which is envisioning that which you want to become so that can go out of the dark path. Her long path to healing included hiking and writing in a journal, as well as creating a vision board. “I was providing myself with pysch first aid,” she notes.

An accident that she was involved in Kgale Mews also highlighted the fact that sometimes one can be among lot of people but still feel lonely. She says that right after the accident, which was a head on collision, onlookers filled the scene but that for what seemed like eternity no one came forward to ask her whether she was hurt and needed assistance. “Not a single person came to me to ask how are you.

The only person who came out to me was this lady who said I know this lady, I have seen her on television,” she says. She adds that as a healer, she deals with many wounded souls and rarely encounters genuinely happy people.

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