Self-serve candy experience

They sell a variety of colourful and out of this world candies. The store has an assortment of sweets such as caramel puffs, double bubble, dolphin sweets, liquorice coins and wheels, and also different kinds of chocolates and nuts. According to Iqbal, the Game City store, which was established in 1992 boasts monopoly in the world of sweets.

“Other shops sell sweets but we do not feel any competition because we have positioned ourselves well in the industry,” he says, adding that the store is attractive to children and it is impossible to walk by without pointing inside yelling for all the mouth-watering and crunchy toffee pistachios that are covered in chocolate and powdered sugar, and not to mention their favourite Barbie, Ben 10 and Dora the Explorer sweets. It is a self-service experience which offers gummy strawberries and cherries, and toffee pistachios.

They also have a large selection of bulk, gourmet, wrapped and unique international candies. A notable observation is that they do not only cater for your sweet tooth but also sell gifts for all occasions, stationery, swimming accessories, toys and party stuff. They have two other branches at the Airport Junction and the Sebele malls and they also plan to expand to Riverwalk mall in Gaborone and Galo in Francistown. Sweets from Heaven has over 80 stores across the world, which makes it a leading candy store retail franchise.

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