What’s President Khama up to on his birthday?

Unlike his Zimbabwean rival, Robert Mugabe, who recently threw the best birthday bash ever, Ian Khama is likely to have a quieter birthday.

He turned 61 yesterday (Thursday) and according to government spokesperson Jeff Ramsay, Khama’s diary showed a normal working day. However, Ramsay is very sure that the president will treat himself to  vanilla ice cream.

“Even though I have seen him eating different flavours, vanilla tops,” he said. He is also certain that the head of state will do his body exercises as it is his norm. Ramsay reveals that Khama had a blast last year when his office threw him a surprise birthday session in front of the office. But again if his family surprises him, Khama will obviously dance and Ramsay anticipates various dance styles from him. He has shared the dance floor with Struizendam polka group before, leaving members of the public drooling in awe.

His family is mum about what they have in store for him. Khama is also known to be a sucker for power-chute and caves.He also likes quad bikes therefore, he might go to his favourite spot Mosu to enjoy himself. Whilst there, a football lover, Mr. President might also throw in some tricks in the field with the village boys.
Perhaps our bachelor president might also need some eye candy. Since he does not want a short and fat woman, his inner circle should consider inviting tall and lean beauty queens to his birthday celebrations in future.

Sassy poetess Berry Heart should also embrace the occasion to recite her poem ‘I have A Crush On Khama’ face to face. Robert Mugabe allegedly enjoyed his 90th birthday in style last week telling well wishers that he felt as fit as a nine year-old, as he quashed rumours of his ill-health.

Among his fancy treats was his Singapore eye-cleaning trip and a huge 90kg birthday cake. He remains Africa’s oldest president.

Last modified on Friday, 28 February 2014 09:41

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