K-boss relaxed

Popularly known as K-Boss in the music circles, this 31-year-old economist at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning was born and bred in Gaborone. However, his ancestral roots can be traced at the Barolong farms.

His parents are both alive and he has an older sister. He says that he is riding solo and is waiting for a God-fearing woman who will love him for who he is and bear him children. His childhood memories are that of a man raised in a Christian family. Growing up, they used to go to Trinity church. Being the lastborn and the only boy, he was a naughty and inquisitive boy who would do what he was told not to do. His sister would shield him from their strict father. “I was that adventurous and curious little boy who always wanted to find out what was on the other side of life,” he says. He states that he grew up in a house where they listened to music a lot, thanks to his father who always had a huge collection.

Though he admits to being chubby, Motlhatlhedi says he is a sporty man. His favourite sport is karate and he used to teach it to young people in Gaborone. He also likes swimming. He enjoys watching action movies and comedy. When it comes to music, he listens to all genres. “I have a record label of 13 artists, so I have to be open to all kinds,” he says. His favourite meal is spaghetti with mincemeat. He does not take alcohol. Some years ago, he tried drinking for about five months and it did not work. The Garass-pampiri hit maker reads the Bible and musical material. He believes that local artists should be managed. Only a few are managed because everything requires money but his take is that it should first start with mindset change. “Professionalism is required if we are to grow the industry,” he says.

And the last time he cried? Motlhatlhedi believes that even gangsters cry. He cried his lungs out in 2008 and 2010 after losing his two childhood friends.  He is clear about who he is: With all the people he hangs around with, he is the peace-maker. The Botswana Music Union (BOMU) Award nominee would like to be remembered as a man who contributed to the growth of the music industry in Botswana. His encouragement to musicians is that they should remain persistent and continue dreaming big. 

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