The lingerie magic

A self-acclaimed hopeless romantic, Mothusi Babusi is of the view that every woman should own at least three sets of lingerie. To him, nothing beats the sight of a woman wearing lingerie.

And for men whose partners wear them, it is a little taste of heaven on earth.   “Everyone loves to feel special and when she buys that sexy item especially for you, you’ll feel like a million bucks simply because she wants to impress you. This is a private showing and only you are invited to the unveiling,” says Babusi, who intends to tie the knot to his sweetheart soon.

The history of lingerie is as enthralliing as the fabric itself. According to available information, fashion Mecca, Paris invented lingerie. Lingerie online company says corsets, crinolines and bustles are terms every woman was familiar with from 1810 to 1870. Fashion-conscious women favoured the wasp waist, which they achieved with tight lacing and mechanical corsets. Around 1870, the artificially padded silhouette shifted to the back with the basket-like bustle creating the coveted ‘cul de Paris,’ which is considered highly erotic. In the last third of the 19th century lingerie became increasingly luxurious.

Nowadays women worldwide are shopping around for lingerie to seduce their men or to keep themselves feeling sexy. Local model Norah Mphoeng says she has a couple of lingerie sets. Some of them were bought by her fiancé. “Men like different things and lingerie always keeps the fire burning,” she says. Her advice is that women should wear them strategically: Wait for your man to take a shower before you, then as soon as you are done, wear it. You will create a ‘wow’ effect, she says. Mphoeng believes it should be a surprising moment.

But for Leungo Motlhanka, sometimes she wears sexy lingerie under her everyday clothes as it gives her that boost of confidence she needs to get on with her day. “When you see a girl with an unusual skip in her step, it might be what’s under her attire that’s got her in a good mood,” she laughs.

Dressing up for a cozy evening makes women feel sensual, according to In a recent survey, men reveal that ’The idea of your undressing her slowly or better yet, watching her prance around the room or dance for you in exotic attire, will have both of you anticipating what will transpire once the lace and satin come off.’ Sometimes lingerie can help couples escape from the treacherous monotony that is of their sex lives.

Putting on a kinky latex number and the two of you can play ‘Where, oh, where is that naughty housewife?’ Mphoeng explains that lingerie varies as creativity can allow a woman to play different roles to create fantasy and anticipation. Such include a French maid, a teacher or police officer. At that particular moment, for example in the case of a French maid, the man watches as the ‘maid’ performs her duties in the outfit, leaving him with the wildest imaginations ever.

Lingerie, according to Kevin Moore says, ‘Please look,’ two words that every guy loves to hear from his wife. He advises married women that husbands love their bodies and that they love looking at them. “We love it! We want to step back and soak your radiating beauty! We want to let our eyes dance to your hidden beauty and enjoy the view,” he says. And the rule for most men is simple: No grandmas’ underclothing. He explains that lingerie separates those ordinary days from the extraordinary.  Onalenna Modise says the truth behind that silky garment is more than meets the eye. For him it says: “You are important to me. This aspect of our relationship matters to me as well as you.” It signals an interest by the woman.

Nonetheless, some men believe it is all in the head. Even though there are those who appreciate every thread in a woman’s body, others do not see the point in paying money for something that is going to come off in approximately 30 seconds. Lingerie needs not be an acquired taste.

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