A shepherd, a polygamist and a proud father

Born 52 years ago in Nlapkhwane, in the north-east, Joina is a first born in a family of 12. He lost four of his siblings and his father. He has more than three wives and over 15 children and nine grandchildren.

His first born passed away recently at 38 and his last born is five years old. He stays with his younger wife and some of his children and grandchildren. A free-spirited man, Joina is unashamed about his poor family background. He says that he attended school at the mercy of well-wishers. He did standard one at the age of 16, but as a result of his exceptional intelligence, he only took four years at primary school.

At standard seven, he graduated with a Grade A from his school, becoming the only source of pride for his school that was evidently not accustomed to impressive grades. Life was not easy for the Joina family, and was forced to wait for a year before pursuing high school. “I was a big time hustler. Haskins, Botswana Defence Force, Indian firms, you name it. I’ve worked there,” he remembers.

At home, the maverick lawyer likes watching both local and international news. He listens to gospel music and also likes political music such as the likes of Miriam Makeba. A teetotaler, Joina believes that alcohol encourages irresponsibility. He likes eating lebelebele with koko ya Setswana. He also enjoys the company of his little children. But generally, he is a proud father. His face lights up when he speaks about his children, of whom some he says are intellectuals.  Others have graduated from university. “Unlike other politicians, I’ve kept my children closer and taken them to the best schools.

They have been a wonderful project,” he says with pride. He has learnt over the years to appreciate the value of keeping a closely-knit family. He observes that this encourages bonding, unity and discipline. He explains that had it not been for them and his wives, he would have been dead by now as he had endured depressing moments and they were always there to support him.

It is his belief that all fathers should be responsible. He advises that men who cannot afford to look after their own children should condomise or abstain from sex. A proud Kalanga man, Joina would like to be remembered as a man who invested in the education of his children. Meanwhile, farming is also Joina’s new hobby. He has a small poultry and cattle farm in Ga-Kuto, where he peels off to pass time on weekends.

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