A minute with Mel-D

You have three albums under your belt. Tell me about your new one?
It has 12 tracks. Unlike the previous ones, it is all in one. It caters for all people as every genre is there. The album took two years to come out. It was produced in different studios in Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria and the United Kingdom, where I am currently based.

What are you doing in the UK?
I have enrolled for a Masters degree in Media Studies with the Metropolitan University in Swansea. However, I did my first year media degree with the University of Botswana. I will be back to Botswana next year though.

You collaborated with popular American author and filmmaker Professor M.K. Asante in your song Sunny Day. Take me through the experience?
We first met when he was in the country to motivate locals in the film industry earlier this year. I was performing at the event and he liked my music. The song is educational in the sense that it encourages the youth to have a vision and also encourages Batswana that in whatever economic or social challenges we are facing, things will get better. Asante’s input is some form of cultural exchange and I am honoured because he has worked with great men such as veteran actor and rapper Will Smith. He is also a Hip Hop artist.

How do you unwind in the UK?
I do mountain climbing every morning. I love the scenery and the beauty of the city captured from up the mountains. When I am in Botswana, I go to Kgale Hill in Gaborone once in a while.

What are your future plans?
I have a song with South African icon Yvonne Chaka Chaka called Heartbeat. It talks about Africans uniting. It will be released next year since we are still working with other African artists on it.

More on Mel-D
He was born in Gaborone to a Motswana mother and Zambian father.
He says he is a hardcore Christian and acknowledges Christian Revival Church for exploring his singing talent.
He would like to be a movie producer.
He is also a part-time guitarist for Metrophones Band.

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