The legend’s great comeback

Local jazz legend Clement Jackson will unveil his new solo album to his fans this Saturday at Millennium Jazz restaurant.

Titled ‘The daze of the weak’, the launch comes courtesy of Zen Promotions. The seven track album will mark the spring season well with its fresh sounds. It is laid-back and mature. What also makes it exceptional is that it appeals to the young, urban listeners and the elderly who would want to reminisce about the good old times. “This one is not for commercial purposes but for archives,” he says. 

The opening song Lesiela commands an extensive audience through a variety of instruments used ranging from marimba, African drums, bass guitar and a mesmerising flute. It is generally a best-seller album, which also has the potential of reviving the genre.

Supporting acts to the show include Jackson’s son Eugene, Nono Siile, Tshenolo, Unity Band and Benson Phuthego. Entrance fee is P40.

Jackson has worked with young stars in the industry, including Hellen, Bonnie and Sugie Fisher, Liefy and a number of local talent show My Star finalists. He has also contributed massively to the growth of Women of Jazz group.

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