Here comes woman of substance

First, please explain the concept behind Women Power Seminar, when and how it all started?

Women’s Power Seminar came about as an event dedicated to celebrate women in business. BOCCIM intends to host this event annually having had the first one is 2012 and this one is featured as the 2nd.  Last year this event was celebrated as a cancer awareness initiative and the proceeds of the ticket sales collected were donated to Cancer Association Botswana (CAB) as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of giving back to the community.

This year it’s held in September which is a month that has been declared as the Women of Achievement Month – “A month where organisations across the country recognise the best accomplishments of women across industry, culture and public service in local communities and/or globally. While it’s important to recognise the amazing feats of some of the best business women, amazing volunteers and scholars we should also recognise the achievements of all women no matter how small.”

What are the achievements and failures of the seminar? Further explain how it has benefited the members.
Considering that last year ‘seminar was the first, I am very confident to say the event was a success and its attendance and the response was overwhelming. Like stated above we even managed to donate some of the proceeds to CAB.
The event gave women an opportunity to meet and discuss challenges they face in business.

As for the upcoming seminar in September, why did BOCCIM see it fit to bring Sophie Ndaba? Please explain.
Sophie Ndaba is a popular woman figure who is celebrated across Africa. The reason why we are hosting her is that she has established herself as an actress, a role model and an emerging creative business woman of good standing amongst South Africans.

Her passion for creativity, excellence and working with people are the drivers behind her emerging successful business as an event & wedding planner for 15 years and interior décor specialist. Having been in the entertainment industry and graced our screens for the past 20 years, Sophie went on to move her career in the Arts to another level where she 2 years ago formed a production company SOPHLA MEDIA where she has begun to produce road shows or top brands and also now focusing on producing reality TV shows, magazine Show, and small and big screen movies.

With such a rich and inspiring profile, we saw it befitting to bring Sophie to come and share with Botswana women the ins and outs of doing business.
Any additional information will be highly appreciated.  The objective of this seminar is to bring together aspiring business women to network and learn from each other as they connect with other progressive dynamic established Business Women in Botswana.

The seminar will further address issues on business opportunities, challenges women experience in businesses and mitigating factors on such. Being the voice of Business in Botswana, BOCCIM intends to continue supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Botswana especially amongst women. There will be some stalls of businesses owned by women from different sectors showcasing their products. The Woman’s Power Seminar is the place to be if you’re a woman in business or who wants to be.

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