Studio M10 demystifying Yoga

Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Some of the products offered at M10 Some of the products offered at M10

Local Studio M10 is in the business of giving its diverse clients a chance to breath in, breath out, and enjoy a bit of  Yoga at their BBS studios. Besides Yoga, they also offer clients, both corporate and individuals, other services that include Pilates and Barre. All of their products mostly offer those who seek a bit of balance with a new refined perspective, where they can find their centre, and learn how to listen to their mind away from the clutter of everyday life.

Turning two years this October, the studio is headed by Keletso Mosinki, a qualified teacher in this type of business. She explains that since they opened their doors, they have been getting clients who are very curious about Yoga. Mosinki studied Yoga in the USA, and she started practicing it at the advice of her therapist when she was having depression and anxiety attacks. She was since hooked and has never looked back.

“I studied it in Hawaii,” She explains and coming back home, she decided to combine two of her passions, business and Yoga. “I am educating people about Yoga because some people still think that Yoga is spiritual or that you need to be flexible to do it,” she says, adding that everyone can do Yoga. Yoga, she explains is good for the mind, and body.

“I am still on that educational phase,” she says. Besides Yoga, Pilates and Barre, she recently invented her own line of bath salts/body scrubs, bath bombs, and essential massage oils. The idea is to create products that are free from synthetic products found in many products that are flooding the market.

“There are no banned chemicals in my products,” she explains. Meanwhile, every last Friday of the month the studio hosts the Vino Vinyasa evenings and the next event will be held on June 28th. The event fuses wine, Vinyasa, a type of Yoga that they do and live music.

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