Ringo and Lizibo mesmerize

Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Ringo and Lizibo mesmerize

Mascom Live Sessions never cease to amaze, as the long anticipated show by Ringo and the local act, Lizibo went accordingly this past weekend as people flocked for the show.

Despite the not so clear sound, people seemed to have enjoyed the entire show from the time when Lizibo electrified everyone with both his voice and super dance moves. On that cloudy, chilly night people came to enjoy the night not bothered by the ‘what if it rains’ question.  Very often, Mascom Live Sessions are crowded by the young people, but it seemed that Ringo and Lizibo changed the expectation this time, as families and older people came in to watch the two stars of the night.

It was a chilled session in which some elderly came with their camp chairs to relax and listen to the soul soothing music by the two artists. “Ringo reminds me of the good days of my life that I had growing up and there was no way I could miss this show,” said one of the attendants. “I have never been to Mascom Live Sessions before, but when I heard that Ringo would be in Botswana, I made sure that my schedule was cleared so that I could attend, and I do not regret coming here. It is a simple chilled night for me and Ringo’s songs humbled me. He has a magical voice,” said Gofa Mere.

A lot of people also applauded Lizibo, saying that the man is incredibly talented, and he never disappoints on stage. His recent song, ‘Mosadi o ntshiwa di-out e seng dikeledi’ also resonated well to a lot of people, especially women who said it is a song with a meaningful message in this era of Gender based violence. Everyone cheered, sang and danced along as he performed. 

The sophisticated artist simply masters his art of music; let alone how he dresses up for the stage. Just like it is a norm for the local act to take the stage first, after he did his part, Ringo followed and continued giving people what they have long anticipated. His popular song, ‘Sondela’ also gained the show the momentum as everyone appreciated it.

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