Sky Apartments: Luxury redefined

Tuesday, 26 March 2019
Sky Apartments: Luxury redefined

Nestled in one of the prime locations of the capital city, the Central Business District (CBD) one finds a living abode that offers the few lucky ones a view to die for. Sky Apartments that are within the South Tower of the iTowers offer many who are passionate about a plush lifestyle with amazing panoramic views of Gaborone.

Last Thursday and Friday evening, Appleby’s, the Real Estate Agent tasked with sales and letting of Sky Apartments opened up the apartments to a select few members of the public including the media and potential new clients. The apartments are available for short-term or long-term renting. And the price range for renting varies from P15 000-P30 000, and this comes with all the trimmings that include a fully furnished and ready apartment.  It also comes with perks such as WIFI, and DStv, gym access, and cleaning and levies.

For those who wish to permanently secure this piece of property, the price range for sale varies between P1,975,229 for a one-bedroomed apartment, a two-bedroomed apartment goes for 2,977, 390, while a three bedroomed penthouse is available for P8,500, 000. The event gave the fortunate few a privilege to experience and walk through some of the immaculate apartments. The luxurious apartments are fully furnished.

Having previously viewed the apartments in 2016, this experience is on higher level. Even for those who can only dream about owning/renting such a property, this is a dream worth entertaining. For this particular open viewing, there are 10 apartments - all telling a different story to those who seek to invest in a property only available here. Standing at the balcony from Floor 23, which happens to be the base for the Appleby’s office, you get to appreciate how much the city has grown and continues to grow.
The sprawling developments and landscape are astounding. And as for the opportunity to watch the sunset from the tallest building in the city, you can never get used to something like this.

Tredinnick Property, who were the interior designers of Sky Apartments did a marvellous job of transforming and breathing life into these already stunning apartments. Every detail here truly illustrates that they wanted to provide comfort and convenience. Every piece of item here from the cutlery, the furniture in the living room, the state-of-the-art kitchen, and the bedrooms scream luxury, and the comfort that they wanted to give the new occupants. Speaking in an interview this Tuesday, Head of Appleby’s Joe Lalonde explains that they are offering their clients with a unique offering.

So far, he says, half of the units that were available are out of the market. And they are looking into furnishing 10 more units in the coming months. He also says that the apartments are available for rental on a month, to a five-year lease. He further notes that from the units sold, only one went to an individual and that the rest went to corporates. Elaborating further the process of transforming the apartments, he explains that they used the services of two interior companies. “They have done a nice job,” he says.

He also points out that the interior designers had a brief to create comfort, convenience and a unique experience for the occupants. “We wanted a practical and functional approach,” he says. When it comes to the colour scheme, they used some of the colours that are on the iconic logo of the iTowers, these includes blue and green tones. The blue tones represent the blue sky. 

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