Mr Botswana embarks on charity activities

Tuesday, 26 March 2019
Mr Botswana embarks on charity activities

For the reigning Mr Botswana, Bonalenna Moetsabatho, being in his position feels like he is the CEO of the country and he says that he is preparing to bring home the Mr Universe crown from Phillipines.

He tells BG Style that he considers himself a CEO of the country because he has to work hard all the time to make sure that he has everything in order. “It feels good being in this position more specially that I have always had a dream of becoming Mr Botswana one day. I consider myself to be on the level of the CEOs because this is not a place to sit back, relax and rest but a very challenging and demanding one.

I managed to earn my role and will execute what is expected and required from me whole heartedly,” he said. Moetsabatho says that among the tasks that he is working on as Mr Botswana is to sensitize the society at large about gender-based violence.  “This I do by marching or walking against it. I always target national events to also take part as I preach about some of these social ills in our country,” he said, noting that he has so far cycled against Cancer, with focus on Prostate Cancer.

He says men are still lagging behind in taking measures to know their status and getting proper help in time. He emphasizes that through the support of his managerial team, he has a number of activities that he is delicately working on. “Nonetheless, I have postponed some of them because of the reasons beyond my control as some of the partners are still held with other commitments,” he explains. He also does motivational talks in schools alongside the Minister of Basic Education. “I also aim at engaging students in arts, especially in rural settlements, as far as Okavango,” he says.

“I have observed that arts are becoming more relevant in the generation that we live in, so I want to encourage their young as it can unleash amazing talent from the country,” he says. He adds that arts can create employment and young people need to be equipped with the right fundamentals, mindset and appropriate mentorship. “Visiting and spending time with children with Autism and Down Syndrome in Tlokweng is also part of my activities, and I will be visiting them soon,” he says explaining that most of the people in the society do not understand much about different lifestyles that people with disabilities live.

Therefore, he aims at sensitizing people about Autism and Down syndrome to make sure that people with such conditions also have inclusion within the communities. He tells BG Style that he would be leaving for Mr World International competitions with his team by mid May.

“I am really working round the clock and doing all I can to make sure that I nail my goal of making the nation proud. God willing and with the support from everyone else I will manage to reserve this crown and bring it home,” he said.

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