Socca, Puna lead tour of Europe

Tuesday, 05 March 2019
Socca, Puna lead  tour of Europe

Botswana’s Kalahari Roses, comprising the legendary Socca Moruakgomo and Puna Gabasiane are slated to depart for the first ever leg of their international tour this Friday. The first leg of the tour sees the duo and band jetting off to Milan, Italy where they will perform accompanied by six dancers from Mafitlhakgosi Traditional Dance troupe at a Botswana Tourism Organisation activation event. 

They will then head to Germany where they are slated to thrill music lovers during a month-long tour. In Germany, they will perform at cities that include Berlin, Frankfurt, and a few others. Speaking in an interview with this publication on Monday morning, Moruakgomo explains that the name Kalahari Roses was suggested by Nobert Volkier and Peter Hamann. The duo previously worked with other local artists in 2013. The concept of the Kalahari Roses saw the likes of Kearoma Rantao, Nnunu, Kabo Leburu touring Germany. During the German tour, they will be working with Nobert Volkier and Peter Hamann. Volkier is part of Celtic Fusions who previously performed in Gaborone.

He explains that it has always been his dream to tour and spread his wings to Europe, and that this opportunity came at the right time and is long overdue. Following the European tour, he explains that in August, they will head to North America, Canada to be precise for another tour. The musical outfit will perform in Montreal. They are still finalising details for the event. And they have a few other tours that will see them serenading music lovers at St Lucia at the Kalua Jazz Festival. Moruakgomo highlights that he previously performed at this festival in 2006.  “I am excited that I will be accompanied by a youthful band. And I am even more excited to be working with Puna on this project,” he explains. He also notes that what makes this opportunity even more exciting is the fact that they will be backed by a local band to give revellers authentic Botswana music.

“I previously used a band that was based there, and it was not the same,” he says. He further says that they are thankful for the support they have received from BTO, and the Botswana Embassy in Berlin who are part sponsors. He highlights that this is good for local performers, especially as it has been a while since local artists toured Europe. “It is a big leap for us,” he says, also revealing that they will be recording live during the tour.

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