Aurora Sauce hot in the market

Tuesday, 05 March 2019
Aurora Sauce hot in the market

The 27-year-old Thato Nikita Johnson’s love for sauce led her to make one of the amazing sauces around. Aurora, her sauce brand, boasts of its healthy and organic ingredients that promote healthy eating. Some of the ingredients she uses are; coconut oil, olive oil, fresh ginger, garlic, black pepper corn, among others. She explains that the sauce can be used for everything to give that yummy and delicate taste.

“It can be used for everything. One can marinade meat with it before and after braai. It can also be used for cooking as well as adding it on food for taste and flavor after cooking.  The Maun based chef in the making says that the sauce comes in different flavors like ginger and garlic, Hot, Extra Hot and mild mouth watering savor, she tells Food Court that she loves experimenting with food and that is how she found herself making this delish sauce.

She further says that her appreciation for food led her to make this sauce as she was not satisfied with other sauces in the market.  She also admits that she loves chilies so she wanted a real tasty chili sauce. “I just gave it a try to make a home-made sauce for myself and surprisingly I nailed it,” she says, adding that it was just for her family and friends before she went commercial. 

“I started making this sauce with my late daughter for family and friends. They loved it so much and someone suggested that I should start selling it. I guarantee that the flavor is not just like your typical chili sauce that has chilies. It is packed with so much flavor,” says Johnson. She tells this publication that she now packages the sauce in 350,500 and 750 ml bottles at the cost of P50, P80 and P110.00 respectively, and says the stock finishes within a week.

She also explains that it has good shelve life, “it can last for up to two months because of the vinegar that I use, as it keeps it fresh and preserved”.  What enthuses her is the fact that she already has good feedback from those who buy it. “I would say the sauce is just addictive because my customers keep coming for more and the best compliment that I have received so far is that it is better than Nando’s sauce,” adds Johnson as she brags, ‘the perfect solution for your chili cravings’.

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