Stacy talks stylish leisure

Tuesday, 05 March 2019
Stacy talks stylish leisure

Stacy Serebolo, the brains behind QueVes and Azzaro Boutiq always looks good and has a comfortable lifestyle at all times. QueVes is an events management company that offers a variety of services that include, corporate events, ceremonial events, product launches, food and wine pairing to mention a few. 

Stacy is of the view that an event should look appealing at all times, hence their stylish services during classy occasions. “Our aim is to create and deliver an experience that engages, educates and delights like nothing else,” she says, adding that they provide concept generation for events and theme selection. For over the years, the locals have not really taken into consideration food and wine pairing, but suddenly those who love the  lifestyle embrace these pairing sessions.  Stacy shares that now people get excited over wine pairing and food pairing of which some say they practice what they learnt at their houses.

She also observes that back in the days, people only encountered these sessions during travelling and certain highly defined events but now people have interest and do it very often. “Whenever we have food and wine pairing sessions, people get excited and come in numbers to socialize, learn and enjoy together. Most of them acknowledge that they only experienced this during travels most of the times,” she says confidently that it would now become a norm soon because of the positive feedback these days. 

Stacy shares with BG Style that red wines often go well with red meats such as steaks, while white wine goes well with white meat such as chicken and fish. She also highlights that there are snacks that are suitable for these wines, emphasizing that cheese is one of the snacks that goes well with wines. Her range of wines includes; red wine, white wine, champagne with the sparkling taste, sweet taste and others.

Stacy believes that life is lived once and therefore people should just go out there and enjoy as well as look good. Through Azzaro Boutiq, she encourages people to pick lovely outfits and pair them better, as dressing up is part of lifestyle. “I like fashion and lifestyle and having friends and colleagues who always questioned me about where I buy my clothes pushed me to finally open a store of my own,” she says.

The clothes displayed at Azzaro definitely capture one’s eye from a distance. The boutique is based at Tsholofelo East and, it can be one of the best places around the city where one can get an elegant outfit for a certain event. Stacy explains that at Azzaro they don’t have a specific style but always try to set trends in order to cater for both corporate and casual looks. Nonetheless, they are currently obsessed with chiffon shirts and dresses as well as snake prints.

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