Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Most people want to shed unwanted kilos and get fit but often lack the support to do so. To support them, Chronicles Health Shop have started a support group that hosts several events, one of them being the Revenge Body challenge that encourages weight loss and fitness through following the Banting diet and regular exercise.

This coming Saturday participants will gather at Jarateng eatery near African mall for a session. They will learn more about the Banting lifestyle, different products and also register for the challenge. Tickets to the Saturday event are available at Chronicles of Health shop in Railpark, Gaborone.  One of the organiser, Minkie Sabone says that the ticket to the event covers presentations, a meal and a cocktail. She further explains that the challenge is 99 days but it can continue beyond that. She is quick to emphasise that Banting is not a diet but a lifestyle. She says that Banting follows a low carb, high fat keto eating plan.

The winner will get social media coverage, a photo shoot, Banting hamper, a certificate of achievement and a free ticket to the next event. Sabone concedes that many think that Banting is expensive but refutes this and says that it is in fact the cheapest eating plan. “With Banting you follow a primitive diet and all you eat is vegetables and meat. You cut out expensive high carb foods such as rice, pasta, bread, soda, alcohol, sugar and sunflower oil. With Banting we take pride in eating the cheapest foods that are easily accessible such as offal, serobe, seswaa, morogo wa Setswana and so forth,” she says.

Sabone points out that moral support is important in one’s health journey and they have a Banting group that is active in social media, such as Whatsapp where they engage, share meal plans, recipes and other health tips. Apart from following the Banting eating plan, Sabone says that it is equally important to work out regularly. “Exercise is important for overall physical health and strength. Exercise is also a good way for relaxing at the end of a busy day.”

The winner from last year ‘s Revenge Body challenge is Tsaone Masuku who has lost a whopping 21 kilograms over eight months. Her transformation is admirable and Sabone hopes that this will motivate others that weight loss and fitness is possible with a healthy diet, regular exercise as well as hard work, patience and a positive attitude.

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