A taste of the good life at the DWINE session

Wednesday, 05 July 2017
A taste of the good life at the DWINE session

On Friday evening, wine connoisseur and lovers were treated to an evening of wine tasting, socialising and trying to figure which wine best suited their tastes buds. Local company, DWINE (short for Dine and Wine), hosted the event held at Travel Lodge. DWINE is the brainchild of a young Motswana entrepreneur, Tsholofelo Sehularo. 

On the menu were ten wine variables from two wine estates namely Noble Hill and Weltevrede, and they ranged from dry red and dry white. Varieties for Noble Hill included Merlot, Carbenet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. And varieties for Weltevrede included Cherry Choc Merlot (a hit amongst some of the attendants), Choc Mint Carbenert Sauvignon, Cigarbox Shiraz, Tropico Sauvignon Blanc and Vanilla Chardonnay (one of the favourite amongst the attendants). As with all wine tasting events, the audience gravitated towards their favourite wines, going back for second and third servings. 

Sehularo explains that she got the idea to go into this business after working for Walt Disney Co for a year. Upon her return back home, she decided to cut her teeth in this industry that is mostly tried by the elder generation. The company was established in 2013 and started with the distribution of two wines from two estates. Today, they continue to grow, and currently working on adding three more estates. “We are suppliers of some of the finest wines from top estates in Cape Town,” she says. 

She also says that their latest additions are Noble Hill and Weltevrede.  

Detailing some of the competitive edges that keep calling back her customers, she explains that since the company opened one of the services that they provide to their clientele was Customized wine branding for a range of events such as anniversaries, weddings and special occasions. “The reception has been very good for this service,” she says. 

Sehularo also says that they also offer Wine Etiquette training, and that they are affiliated to the Cape Wine Academy who provide the training. The company is in partnership with Zebra Hub of Excellence (ZHE), who are responsible for inventory management, warehousing and distribution of the wines throughout the country. They also have a Wine Club for those who appreciate wine, as well as E-commerce. 

One of the projects that they are busy working on right now is that they have embarked on increasing visibility online. “We wish to create a strong online footprints so that we can reach everyone,” she says. 

She advises those who wish to embark on unchartered territories to keep in mind that everything is possible, and that they too can try their luck and compete with established companies. 


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