Smell divine with Çumië Fragrances

Friday, 05 May 2017
Smell divine with Çumië Fragrances

The fresh aroma of plants does not only awaken life and flowers are indeed the most divine creations with their sweet-smelling scent. Khumo Keoagile of Çumië Fragrances is of the view that wearing a perfume completes dressing up for someone and she believes in the saying, “You are never fully dressed without perfume”.  Keoagile makes her own oil-based perfumes under the brand Çumië Fragrances, inspired by international leading brands. She buys the oil from South Africa. She admits that this brand is a dream come true, because she grew up obsessed with perfumes and aspired to have her own brand one day.

Keoagile told BG Style that her mother is the main inspiration that she ended up having what she has at hand. “My mother (MHSRIP) sold Delance Products, including perfumes, colognes, body lotions and bath salts, and I got my inspiration from that. We would take turns to go for her stock and every time I went, I would see those white people and wonder how exactly they made all those things. I could see it made money, and it was fun also having them around! I thought, I so wish one day I could be like them,” she says.

Keoagile shares that a perfume might be viewed as a luxury by some people, although it is a special necessity, especially to women, as they like good things. She added that just a perfume can give one confidence to walk tall and do anything. “A perfume boosts one’s confidence; one needs to be sure that they  are  going to make an impression, and a good one, when moving in and about, and a good scented perfume is the answer to this,” she says.

She further says that she chose to deal with oil-based perfumes because oil last longer than alcohol based perfumes, and therefore longer-lasting fragrance is the thing needed most by anyone who uses a perfume. She also explained that oil keeps the skin hydrated if the perfume is sprayed onto the body, while alcohol based perfume evaporates quickly, leaving the skin dehydrated.

On the other hand Keoagile is obstinate that oil-based perfumes are user friendly prior to those people that may claim to have allergies with perfumes compared to alcohol-based perfumes. “Oil gives them a cool, pleasant smell, so most people use them despite the conditions that may deter people from associating with other perfumes.” she boasts that the long-lasting fragrance in her products keeps her business going as her customers always come back and makes her products unique. One of these products’ users confirmed that talent and the world of style is growing abroad in Botswana as she does not need to buy any international brand perfumes when there is the replica of them produced home. “The scent really lasts longer. Taking out my clothes for washing or even ironing after washing, the scent would still be there,” she says.

Khumo’s target audience is anyone interested, particularly women who buy to re-sell.  She acknowledges that social media has been helpful, as people from all parts of the country notice her work and support her as they order for resale from her page, Cumie Fragrances. She recently added body lotions that carry the same scent as the perfumes.

She also intends to add bath salts and bath foams in the future. Her perfumes are a selection for both males and females. She explains that she always tries to conduct her business ethically. “Since I sell perfumes carrying almost the same scent as the international leading brands, I avoid “plagiarism” and start the names with a phrase *inspired by.  Her perfumes are influenced by perfumes including Alien, Be Delicious, Black Opium, Fantasy, Gucci Guilty, Gucci Rush, Hypnotic Poison, Lady Million, Pink Friday and Tomy Girl for her and; 1 Million, 212VIP, Black XS, Dunhill, Desire Blue and others,” she explains.

The lady of beautiful scents is also known as Kayly Kay on online business media, says that she appreciates the positive feedback that she has always got from the people across the country. She can be contacted for further details on Whatsapp; 75215451.

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