Away with paint wallpapers in vogue

Tefo Nombolo
Friday, 26 February 2016
Breath new life into your home and try wallpaper Breath new life into your home and try wallpaper

There was a time when there was no alternative to whether or not one should paint one’s house or not.

The only choice one had to make was the colour one wanted - whether oil paint or just normal paint. Now the advent of wallpaper in the country has provided opportunities for more options.

Mrs Khan of Décor Waves at Riverwalk mall in Gaborone says more and more Batswana are showing interest in having wallpapers in their houses. Wallpaper, she says, creates the desired atmosphere in a room. It can transform a simple room into an exquisite space.

The longevity of the wallpaper depends on the quality used. “Wall paper is also very easy to remove,” she explains. This is because it is placed on the wall by using glue and when one wants to remove it and change the atmosphere of the particular room then they can remove it. However, from the onset, it is advisable to place it on the wall in strips so as to make removal easier in the long run.

In addition, according to Khan it is very economical to use wallpaper as it can last up to five times longer than the normal paint under normal conditions and it can be used to match the furniture in the room.

Research shows that as with all things, there are disadvantages to using wallpaper. For instance if there are any imperfections on the wall, then sticking wall paper on top of them will show those imperfections.

Also in conditions of humidity, the likelihood of the wallpaper peeling off is very high as the glue could loosen up.

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