Fill your tummy & soul at Kwa Ga Ncinci

Phemelo Ramasu
Monday, 22 February 2016
Kwa Ga Ncinci Kwa Ga Ncinci

Eateries, restaurants and new concepts in the food industry are opened almost every month locally.

But it is not every day that you meet a young local woman who wishes to change the landscape and experience of foodies and those who really care about what they spend their money on.

Deep in the outskirts of Bojanala Waterfront, one versatile self taught foodie, is offering her clientele who have been following her since she started her business two years ago as well as those who are drawn by the colourful pictures and excellent reviews that are on social media from old and new clients a different type of experience.

Kwa Ga Ncinci started off with two dishes  and what Ncinci Moitsadi, the brains behind this new trailblazer concept, hail as the best oxtail recipe locally and garlic bread two years ago. In the early days, she started off with cookouts and would often sell tickets using the money to buy the much-needed ingredients.

With the help of friends, acquaintances and social media, her food was soon in demand. But what it is that gives her soul food dishes an edge over the rest of what is on the market? She is very quick to point out that when one walks through her doors, it is not just about food but a whole lot of experience. She soon sold her food at events such as pop up markets, where she offered her clientele something they have never experienced before.

On February 6, a special day that happens to be the birthday of Bob Marley, she opened her doors to something that she never envisioned happening. “The idea behind launching on his birthday was all about what Marley preached, one love. And I would love to see his family walking through the doors and enjoying a meal here,” she explains.

When she started off, the idea of expanding into a restaurant was not something that she ever dreamt about. She tells Style, that her location at Bojanala Waterfront chose her instead of the other way round.  “I have known about this place since I was 17 years,” she says buttering and prepping her famous garlic bread that true to her word is tasty and sumptuous.

On this particular Friday, the day is themed a Braii day and the well marinated meat is something else on the braii stands, its aroma filling the air and flirting and just tempting one to have one bite. In between the interview and ensuring that food will be ready for those who are hungry, she is taking orders, and ensuring that customers who are already there are given the best service.

She also says that what her customers get out of visiting Kwa Ga Ncinci is something more than I had too much to drink last night without remembering the events of the night or what one ate. “It is about I had a good time, I had a scrumptious meal and I laughed in the company of friends,” she explains. She uses expensive products in her recipes.

Something that is unheard of in restaurants is giving customers a staple when it comes to quenching thirst, Bottomless Oros. Since she started feeding her customers, she has never repeated a menu, and she is always willing to recreate food.

Favourite amongst her customers are burgers, sloppy Joe (an American favourite that has been given a local touch), as well as the oxtail. Although she didn’t have formal training when it comes to food, she credits her brother who happens to be a chef at Chobe Safari Lodge as well as her mother as the people who inspire her in the kitchen.

She learnt everything about creating beautiful food from her mother who taught everything there is to know about taste and how to treat her ingredients, and many tricks. “My creation comes from God. I slept one day and woke up with these amazing recipes,” she notes.

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