Experience the clash of French & Mexican cuisines at Jessy’s Bistro

Friday, 12 February 2016
Experience the clash of French & Mexican cuisines at Jessy’s Bistro

The transformation of Gaborone into a Diamond City has brought with it some electrifying and extraordinary changes for the truly gregarious adventurer that just love a thrilling al fresco atmosphere.

The sort of atmosphere that transports one to a far away place where nothing else exists, where one is just so captivated by the moment and just wants to prolong it for a lifetime. With recent changes and the construction boom that have altered not only a couple of business districts but the face of Gaborone as well, have come new business concepts and ideas.

Gone are the days when the experience of a beautiful life filled with exquisite cuisines, rich in flavour, trimmed and garnished with exploding colours and textures could only be accessed by reaching out across the borders. The Restaurant business in Gaborone is also booming and there is something in it for everyone.

Even foodies with a knack for international cuisines also have something to look forward to when it comes to giving their mouths a taste explosion. So if you are one of those foodies who are familiar with what you love, how rare your meat should be cooked, the type of spices and their origins that should be used on your dish, then perhaps it’s time that you try something that will blow your socks off.

Take a short drive to the CBD, and find Jessy’s Bistro, safely tucked in the I-Towers and experience Mexico and France in one place. Trust this reporter, you will leave the Bistro feeling like you can have a go at Spanish or French in one go. Unbelievable! well it is so possible, you are allowed to dream. The Bistro opened in the first week of October and is owned by business mogul Nicholas Zakhem.

Here you will learn that the owner and management pride themselves in giving their clientele good tasting dishes accompanied by incredible creations. The end result being that their customers can sit back in their chairs with a glass of high quality wine sourced from top wine estates in South Africa and France. As is with any other country, Mexican and French cuisines also have their base that gives these cuisines a special taste.

The base for French cuisines is all about the wines and the fresh cream. Mexican cuisines use Chilli, black beans as well as an array of colour and different mixtures. When it comes to Mexican cuisines, Executive Chef Joe Stello explains that their speciality comes in the form of Fajita’s, as well as special French sauces for steaks and fillets. Their ingredients, he says are either sourced locally or from across the borders for whatever they can’t find locally. “We are getting our high quality chips, cheese, and all the ingredients that are needed for our Mexican dishes outside the country,” he says.

He also points out that their steaks are halaal, and that they do not compromise when it comes to serving their customers only the best dishes presented in a manner that leaves one spellbound. “Our loyal customers keep coming back for the Mexican Fajita’s. And some of them are European and American,” he explains highlighting that they are very familiar with such cuisines.

For the interview with Style, the Lebanese born chef has prepared four dishes including the Poule Parisienne (Chicken cooked in a Fremsh Parisienne way) (P150), Tomozodo salad with pesto sauce (P80), Fremsh Beef Fillet (Fillet mignon) going for P140 and Fresh Salmon Fish going for P205. The prices for these four dishes are Valentine’s Day special.

Also on the menu, one can find affordable breakfast dishes such as the Clubs Sandwiches (P65) French Banquet, Scrambled Eggs (P80), Brioche Eggs (P70) as well as a Spanish Omelette (P100). For those who wish to try their hand at some of the special dishes that one can find at the Bistro, the Executive Chef has generously parted with his recipe for the Fresh Salmon Dish with a Ginger Sauce and Mashed potatoes. Depending on how fast you are with your hands, this simple but tasty dish should take less than 20 minutes to prepare.

220g fresh salmon
Mixed vegetables sautéd including carrots, baby marrows, green beans, broccoli, salt and black pepper 
Mashed Potatoes
Ginger sauce
Chopped Onion
Ginger pickled
Fresh Cream
Salt and Black Pepper

A potion of the salmon should be put in olive oil, salt and black pepper.
Pour a little oil in a pan and leave it to be warm
Cook the fish and when it gets coloured, put it in the oven set at 180 degrees for ten minutes.
Generously wash the vegetables with sanitiser,
Peel and cut carrots
Marinate for half an hour with salt with the other vegetables
Put them in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t overcook them and leave them ala dante
Strain them and sauté them with butter, salt and black pepper.
To make the mashed potatoes
Boil them after washing thoroughly
Mash with fresh cream, salt, black pepper and butter.

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