Tlotlo Hotel’s wedding parlour opens to public

Tefo Nombolo
Friday, 05 February 2016
Tlotlo Wedding parlour Tlotlo Wedding parlour

Without a wedding planner, wedding preparations can be such a headache! So, getting someone to get that extra load of finding the venue for the wedding reception off your shoulder can be an added bonus.

Well, if you’ve been hitting yourself hard over these itsy-bitsy issues, fuss no more; Tlotlo hotel and conference centre in Gaborone’s Block 5 suburbs offers just the place you need for the occasion- a wedding parlour.

Situated at the back near the pool area, the wedding parlour is a colourful space of green grass. Operations Manager Terena Terena says the parlour can be transformed according to client’s specifications. Clients can pitch a tent if they desire to do so. If an event takes place at lunch from 12:30 pm, they can occupy it until around 4pm. If it’s an evening affair then it can go on to 23:00hrs and there’s provision for extension – such is the luxury clients enjoy!

Before the wedding, people usually prepare themselves at their hair and beauty parlours. Well, again worry no more, the hotel and conference centre also has a beauty and hair parlour with services ranging from pedicure, manicure, eye lash insertion, nail polish, nail gel and putting on nail tips.

And to cap it all, you can even get a full body massage at this parlour. The treatment comprises of being massaged on the back, the shoulders and the calf. Half body massage includes being massaged only on the back and the shoulders.  Under feet massages are done only during a pedicure.

The beauty parlour is open to everyone. Guests at the hotel in need of the service have to pay an extra fee as it is not included in the price for the rooms.

The parlour opens at 9am to 6pm and on Sunday it opens at 2pm to 6pm.

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