BSA drills artists on professionalism

Tefo Nombolo
Thursday, 28 January 2016
BSA drills artists on professionalism

Botswana Society for the Arts (BSA) held a workshop over the weekend to drill artists on the significance of integrity, acumen and wisdom in their work.

Run under the theme, ‘Professionalism and monetising talent via digital platforms’ the workshop participants were told to incorporate these nouns in their vocabulary if they want to be taken seriously in their profession.
BSA Secretary, Renee Khonat, said the workshop was inspired by a research the society had undertaken. “We realised when doing our research that there are a lot of people with artistic abilities but they lack training and professional skills hence the workshop.”

She cautioned artists against lack of professionalism, saying it puts them at a disadvantage. During comment time, one of the artists, Trinity Mpho, warned artists against the habit of trying to be a Jack of all trades, saying it’s not good for one’s career. He implored those artists that can afford to, to hire a good managing team.

In response, New York based actress, Kele Mogotsi, explained that in the start of a career sometimes being a jack of all trades helps an artist to learn a number of skills. She said this would help them understand their managing team when they finally get to hire one. She did however agree with Mpho that when one could finally afford it, they should get their own good managing team.

Shanti Lo, who is also one of the Ambassadors for the Botswana Society for the Arts, was happy with the way the workshop went. He applauded the Ambassador of the United States, Ambassador Earl R. Miller for showing up at the workshop. He said for somebody of his calibre to show up there and participate at the workshop gave them a first-hand experience at ground level.

According to BSA Coordinator, Motshidisi Makhurutha, Shanti Lo was chosen because of his passion for what he does, his hard work and his professionalism in his craft. She said he is also a young Motswana who is willing to always share his own experiences in the music industry with other artists who ask him.

These qualities made him stand out enough to be chosen as they were amongst those needed by the society. The BSA is a society that intends to create and produce excellent artists eligible and good enough to perform and compete with other artists on the international level. They help to get support for artists of all kinds whether it’s in kind or financially. It was established in 1996.

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