Miss Gemstone 2009 to model in London

BY IRENE SHONE - BG correspondent
Monday, 05 October 2015
Miss Gemstone 2009 to model in London

Mmina Gaebonwe, the first Motswana to win Gemstone model search in 2009 is adamant that modelling has enriched her life in every way.

After battling one of the superior titles of modelling in the world, like the celebrated Mpule Kwelagobe and Kaone Kario, her journey in the modelling industry has flourished. Her stay in New York during her reign as the Gemstone winner benefitted not only her but the whole Botswana community. “Being in New York was an amazing blessing; it opened my eyes so much to the beauty and endless possibilities in the world”, said Gaebonwe. The beautiful queen in her early twenties will travel to London in December where she will stay for a while, representing Botswana in modelling.

She assured Style that she is not nervous about the upcoming trip especially that she loves anything English and has just been waiting for the right opportunity. Gaebonwe is currently working on a book and her website where she will be giving style and lifestyle tips as well as modelling tips. She is also developing another website ‘Em Models’, where aspiring models will be able to audition online. “I am also releasing a series of Fashion films that can be viewed on my website. It is exciting and no one is doing that yet and we are excited to do that with my fans”, she said.

Drawing inspiration from art books, photos and paintings, she has worked with various charity projects in her home town Maun, to bring about change. She has worked with Maun Animal Welfare Society, Bomme Maun Mothers and teaching for voluntary purposes. Gaebonwe says that the reception and support that she gets from her home town keeps her going. “I am in love with Botswana and I want to see it prosper”, she stated. Her main challenge in her field of work is maintaining the right size for modelling. “I love to eat, so sometimes I gain weight , but I try harder to eat healthy and exercise so that I cannot get discouraged but keep my country proud”, she said.

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