Local Music Ensemble needs sponsors for European tour

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Monday, 10 August 2015
Local Music Ensemble needs sponsors for European tour

The Re Batswana Music Ensemble European tour has been confirmed for September and October this year. The band, comprising of different musical acts from a variety of genres is slated to depart on September 27th for Sweden. It would be the first time that an ensemble of this magnitude from Botswana is touring Europe.

But it has now transpired that the ensemble needs funding and sponsorship to make this dream a reality. On September 30th, the ensemble will perform in Stockholm. On November 4th, it will perform in Oslo, Norway. And then return to Sweden for another show on October 10th. Re Batswana Music Ensemble is the biggest project of its kind ever conceptualised and produced in Botswana.  Never before has the country seen the biggest collaboration that fuses both the legends and the younger generation of singers. To illustrate the magnitude of this project, there are close to 22 members who form this magnificent project.

This justifies why the people behind the project called it an ensemble, seeing that it fuses the best of everything that Botswana has to offer, ranging from directors, lead vocalists, and band members. The project comprises of nine vocalists including Nnunu Ramogotsi, Kearoma Rantao, Berry Heart (who replaced Punah Gabasiame), Banjo Mosele, Socca Moruakgomo, Samantha Iman, Ndingo Johwa, Shanti Lo and Lister Boleseng. It also comprises of 12 band members including Kabelo Tamukate, Gomotsegang Rapoo, Lekofi Sejeso, Tumelo Mafoko, Kopano Mantswe, Leroy Nyoni, Andrew Chinganga, as well as Mathews Dasco. It also has three backing vocalists - Sharon Sibonge, Chedza Majwabe and Naomi Tese. The man who has been tasked with directing this mammoth project is none other than Moruakgomo. His assistant is Boleseng.

And it will be in a similar format as the legendary Sarafina. Re Batswana Music Ensemble is intended to sell and promote Botswana internationally and it is also a build up towards Botswana’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.  It is a continuation of the annual project coordinated by Streethorn Productions that has seen local musicians that include Shanti Lo and John Selolwane, Nnunu, Shanti Lo, Kearoma Rantao and their band touring Europe.

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