Chef on the Move whips a meal fit for royalty

Donning an apron and standing in the middle of the kitchen, whipping some mouth-watering recipe is something that a shy and reserved Dimpho Seisa uses to showcase his creativity while at the same time enjoying his passion.

Seisa never underwent any formal culinary training. In fact mastering different dishes that he sees either on cooking shows or any of the cooking books has been a matter of trial and error. More often than not once he is done with a dish, his friends and family are often tasked with the tough job of giving him feedback. A while back the cooking enthusiast took that love for cooking to another level when he catered for friends and family but it soon blew over, when the demand for his finger licking dishes soared.

Soon he founded a concept that began on a small scale by the name Chef on the Move, opened a Facebook page and soon everyone wanted a piece of his dishes. In his early days he was catering for 15-20 people but is now catering for a larger number of people. Alongside his cousin, Tlhakanelo, the duo is now in demand. Presently, they are working on a website for the business as well as raising funds to get a trailer that will help them conduct their business meticulously.

The trailer will be fitted with various components and will almost be a kitchen on wheels. In an interview Seisa, who discloses that men and not women always blow their customers away once they learn that the dishes were created as expected, explains that he learnt cooking by watching Food channels and learning what the masters such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have up their sleeves. “I challenge myself every time I see a recipe that I have never tried before. And I always attempt to give it my personal touch,” he tells this publication.

He also says that when it comes to what their clients want, the client has the option of telling them his desires depending on his theme and that the chefs can make suggestions based on that. “We are cooking all kinds of food including our traditional cuisines as well as western food. The only thing that we haven’t tried is Asian cuisine,” he explains. He also says that their satisfied clients are always lost for words once they learn that two men created the food with love.

In December, they were catering for a Christmas function somewhere, and those who heaped their food on their plates were speechless. Seisa says that anyone can whip a meal that is fit for royalty provided they take time in reading and preparing that meal with love. For example, he says that it’s not always true that one needs to buy stew cut from the shop to make a stew. Instead he says that particular cuts are just pieces that the shop threw together and advises that instead people should opt for cuts such as rump steak and short ribs in order to make a stew that will have guests salivating.

He also advises them to use a lot of herbs, such as rosemary. “It’s a must for any meat dish,” he says. He says that like wine tasters who take time in perfecting their art, those who want to polish their skills in the kitchen also need to go through trial and error before they turn pros. “If you are not sure about what you are cooking, read before serving,” he cautions. Quizzed about his love for cooking, he says that his first attempt in the kitchen was making minestrone soup with vegetables and the soup packet. Once he realised that there was nothing to be scared of about cooking, his peers who thought he loved food too much soon teased him. And he hopes that his two-year-old son would also have that passion for cooking.

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