Khama documentary: Black king, White Queen finally released

Heritage media house has finally released the long awaited documentary titled ‘Black King, White Queen.’ The fast paced, visually captivating musically astounding, emotionally fulfilling insightful and educational documentary creatively chronicles the lives of Sir Seretse Khama and Lady Khama from the world famous love story through to their lives as Botswana’s founding President and first lady.

The documentary comes out after a two-year production period, and the star-studded film recently completed post production at Online Post, one of London’s premier editing facilities. Produced and directed by Billy Kokorwe, the 60 minute film carries a stellar cast including Sir Seretse’s friend and former British cabinet minister Tony Benn who led the campaign for the couple’s release from exile by voicing it out in the House of Commons and mobilising support from the British public. In an exclusive no holds-barred interview filmed before his untimely death, Tony Benn takes the viewer through his contribution to the Khama’s release as he was the first to raise the matter in the House of Commons and later formed the Seretse Khama Defence Council.

He reminisces about his close friendship with the Khamas and how the eloquent Seretse used to impress the British public when he spoke at campaign gatherings. Tony Benn’s comments are complemented by rare archival footage of the young firebrand MP in the House of Commons. Another high profile contribution is made by Lord Jones of Cheltenham who gives a detailed often entertaining account of events that led to what he refers to as the Khama’s creation of a democratic peaceful prosperous country called Botswana. Lord Jones is a life peer of the British House of Lords. Former South African president Thabo Mbeki’s commentary encourages Batswana to follow the example of Sir Seretse Khama describing him as one of Africa’s greatest leaders who will always be respected and loved across the world;  Lady Khama takes the lead role in this documentary.

Her rare, exclusive, informative commentary fuses together with other interviews including that of the Khama twins, Anthony and Tshekedi who speak passionately about their mother’s charity work. BLACK KING-WHITE QUEEN has attracted licensing offers from major broadcasters in Europe. It will be distributed for television and educational purposes at home and abroad.

Last modified on Monday, 26 January 2015 12:33

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