Miss World finals in London

Outgoing Miss World queen, Megan Young of The Philippines is expected to crown the winner of the 64th edition of the continental pageant on December 14th in London.

Unlike last year when the organisers of Miss World were running helter skelter amid the many controversies that they faced in Indonesia, it appears as if this year things will progress smoothly. Until last year, many came to know the pageant as one of the best organised events across the world. Shrouded in controversy in the weeks leading up to the finals, it almost seemed as if the pageant would be postponed to a later date. Badly burnt and embarrassed by the bad publicity as well as one protest after another, organisers resolved to take the pageant to London lest they suffered the same fate as happened in Indonesia.

Whether another batch of drama awaits the organisers and the queens remains to be seen as the competition heats up. It also remains to be seen what the chair of the pageant, Julia Evelyn Morley and her team will do in order to restore the pageant to its glory. Miss World is known for its extravagant costumes, exquisite ball gowns, bikinis and all the glitter and gold that is part and parcel of continental pageant of this magnitude. The grand finale of the pageant will take place at the ExCel London Arena and the fairest women from 126 participants will be vying for that crown.

All the participating contestants were expected to arrive this week (Thursday and Friday) in London. As is customary there are different challenges that will see the lucky ladies who excel in them securing places in the finals. And the first is the Sports elimination that takes place this Saturday. The finals of this highly competitive challenge take place on Wednesday. On Friday (November 28th), the Miss World Top Model will award the ladies an opportunity to snatch one of the few open slots, sending them straight into the finals. On Saturday (November 30th), the Miss World Charity gala that normally raises funds for different charitable causes will take place. On Tuesday (December 2nd), the ladies who have been picked to take part in the Oxford debate will have a chance to show the world that they are not just beautiful but also intelligent.

The Talent challenge takes place on (Sunday) December 7th and the dress rehearsal on Saturday (December 13th), where the 126 contestants will be polishing their steps and getting their acts ready for the final event. For the next three weeks pageant loyalists, bloggers and the media will keep a watchful eye on events as they unfold in London, betting and arguing about the one special lady who stands a better chance of getting the honours of being called the 64th Miss World queen. But beneath the polished smile and that queenly wave and the perfectly manicured fingers, the road to Miss World is not as easy and flawless as it looks on telly when the ladies strut on the ramp. It takes many months of planning and sleepless nights from the side of local organisers as well as top glass grooming that is only fit for a queen who will use her brain and beauty to influence the world and change it for good.

While many are already sweating and heaving under the strain that comes with this once in a lifetime opportunity most of them would not even come close to being crowned the winner, as they would be subjected to different obstacles along the way. The contestants are judged from the first time that they land in the host country and everything that they do is under scrutiny and the judges who only want the best will be keeping an eye on them 24 hours. Out of a possible 126 contestants, 125 have confirmed. Returning this year to the pageant are eight countries namely Algeria (after last competing in 2010), Egypt (2011), Luxembourg (2010), Myanmar (1960), Uruguay, Israel and Zimbabwe (all having last competed in 2012). And sadly Botswana is amongst the eight countries that have withdrawn from the competition this year. Other countries include Angola, Bulgaria, Chile, Chinese Taipei, Dominica, Macedonia, St Kitts & Nevis, Samoa as well as Uzbekistan. Making their debuts are Chad and Sao Tome & Principe.

While many locals have been quick to crucify the national pageant license holder, Botswana Council of Women (BCW) for the way that they are running the pageant, BCW is not the only license holder facing numerous challenges as evidenced in the number of countries that have had to replace their queens for various reasons. Some of the queens have resigned for unknown reasons like Miss Belgium, Miss Switzerland and Miss Gabon as well as Miss Nicaragua.

Others have been dethroned as in the case of Ghana and Miss Panama who was dethroned for failure to fulfill her national duties, while others like Miss Portugal refused to sign a contract with her country’s national organisation. Additional information sourced from: Wikipedia and Miss World official website.

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