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Are you a local jewellery designer? Have you been dreaming about seeing one of your precious exquisite pieces showcased and scrambled for by celebrities and the elites at the international stage?If you have answered yes to the above, then sharpen your pencils, and dust off your design kit as the 2018/2019 Shining Light Awards are back.

The competition that is open to all jewellery designers is celebrating ten years in Botswana. It is open to jewellery designers in the four countries where De Beers Group mines diamonds, and these consist of Namibia, South Africa, Canada and Botswana.

The theme for the latest edition of the competition is Heroines and Heritage, and the organisers are looking for pieces that have feminine elements that speak to women, that evoke national pride as well as have symbols of strength, heritage, wisdom and beauty.

Closing date for submission of entries is January 31st 2019. Winners of the Shining Light Awards will participate in a 12-month apprenticeship programme in Milan, Italy and runners-up will win a 3-month internship program at Forevermark or a design programme at a local design school.

“The Shining Light Awards have proven to be a valuable design platform to showcase talent and open opportunities for young people within the diamond sector and international markets. This is in-line with De Beers Group objectives on beneficiation through skills development of the youth,” says Stephen Lussier, Executive Vice President at De Beers Group and CEO of Forevermark in a press release.

According to Pat Dambe, Vice-President of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations, De Beers Global Sightholder Sales, they have just concluded roadshows to all the four De Beers Group producer countries, where they visited various universities to present to design students. Reception has been great, she says.  She explains that over the years, they have seen high quality submissions and they anticipate the response will be even greater this year.

She further says that the De Beers Designers Initiative has created the opportunity for the Shining Light Awards winners to attend the Faculty of Design at Milan Polytechnic as part of the company’s youth beneficiation strategy.“We are very happy to have taken this forward into a scholarship programme to include Batswana, Namibians, South Africans and Canadian participants with aspirations to participate in the downstream of the diamond industry,” says Dambe.

Constantino Papadimitriou, Head of Brand Strategy and Innovation at De Beers Forevermark, highlights that over the years, they have seen how the Shining Light Awards have presented students with a great opportunity to develop their skills in jewellery manufacturing.

“We are looking forward to seeing the journey they take in interpreting the theme and bringing it to life. It is most gratifying that as a result of this competition, we will now see winners enrolled through the Forevermark Design School in Milan, signifying the growth of the programme since inception,” says Papadimitriou.

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:58

Just Eat book demystifies dietary clichés

Rachel Nekati has published a book titled “Just Eat” that will probably revolutionise the way many people look at diet and health. Far from being a gimmick lifestyle fad, the ideas presented in the book are scientifically proven and representative of the way our ancestors used to live.

The idea is simple: you can eat as much as you want as long as you give your body enough time to digest the food and rest, says Nekati. The professional banker once toppled the scale at 94 kg and wore a size 44. She also had diabetes and high blood pressure. All this has changed. Nekati is now a svelte size 34 and she could not be happier, as the lifestyle conditions she battled have also disappeared as she reclaimed her health. 

She shares the lessons she has garnered throughout the 30 years she spent on diets and trying to find the “miracle” fix to good health. The book was launched this past weekend at Cresta Hotel and attracted a sizeable audience, with speakers including Dr. Baghat and Ruth Maphorisa.

Nekati, who is a professional banker, speaks passionately about being attuned to your body and working with it. In an interview, she points out that it might sound like an oxymoron that you can eat what you want and also be fit, healthy and lose weight. “But that is the truth. We don’t need to deprive ourselves or eat certain food and cut out others as commonly thought.

It is not even necessary to count calories or weigh food. The trick is to listen to your body and give it time to digest and rest,” she says. Nekati says that you can enjoy your treats such as burgers and ice cream but still look good and feel healthy and light. The author uses her own experiences as the backdrop for how she freed herself from the bondage of obesity by adopting a different perception of health, weight loss and stopped diets.

While the book focuses on health holistically, it zones predominantly on diet and lifestyle habits, and touches on emotional eating and intermittent fasting among others. Intermittent fasting seems to be a ‘thing’ nowadays. Nekati explains that we should have an open window when we can eat what we want in substantial portions and then have a closed window, where we rest the system and not eat.

“Say for example you choose to eat before 11AM when you break your fast, and have your last meal at 7PM, you will then have eight hours for digestion when the system is in a sed state and goes through the process of digestion and absorbing nutrients.” This she said gives the body minimum two sets of intermittent eight hours to rest. Intermittent fasting time changes to suit the person depends on someone’s fat storage and genetic make-up.

“The reason some people have big stomachs, thighs, legs, hands, necks and all that is because they have stored fat. Others go to gym from January to December but do not lose weight because they are always eating.” Nekati maintains that the idea that we should have frequent meals was a commercial plot to get people to spend on food.

“When you eat too often, the body cells become insensitive to insulin. We have to make bodies insulin sensitive.” Nekati says that since she changed her lifestyle and eating patterns, she has not only lost weight but feels and thinks better. “I burnt fat and my mind also improved. I am more sharp and alert, I have more clarity. Intermittent fasting also helps with signs of Alzheimer’s, heals inflammation and promotes inner calmness, helps the body detoxify and heal itself because of cell regeneration.”

Nekati says that appetite is automatically controlled when you learn to listen and work with your body. “You will reduce the amount of processed foods you eat because the body natural propels you to correct your eating habits and gravitate towards healthier and unrefined options. Intuitive eating becomes the norm in that case because you eat to nourish the body not do it harm.”

To carry on the lessons in this book and share advice with others, Nekati has created a Facebook page: Just Eat – Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Book. 

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:53

Motlha debuts at Botswana Craft

In September, during one of the fifth annual Gaborone International Music Culture Week events, something magical happened. Oliver Groth of Botswana Craft was blown away by Motlha on stage and that could have been the moment a decision was made to bring the artist to Botswana Craft.

This Friday, Motlha of Mma motse hit will once again create the magic in a set that he says will leave many revellers speechless. Motlha joins the international Bongo Maffin at the Mascom Live Sessions event. He is ready for this moment, and in an interview tells this publication that he is gearing up for a performance of a lifetime.

“It is a great feeling to be on the Botswana Craft stage for the first time, and share the stage with big artists like Bongo Maffin,” explains Motlha, who will join a select few of local artists who have made it to the Mascom Live Sessions at Botswana Craft.  “It is a great achievement considering the period since the release of the single,” he says.

He further says that the reaction that he gets from his fans is proof that he is on the right track, and that Batswana will always love him. He will be accompanied by a live band, and dancers will jazz up his set.“It will be a great performance. And they should expect exclusive music from my upcoming album that will be released in February 2019,” he says.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday morning, Groth said they decided to go with Motlha as he is a special artist. “I saw him perform at GIMC, and I was very impressed. He has a great stage presence,” he explains. He also tells this publication that Bongo Maffin last performed at Botswana Craft in 2014. The show, he says, was so massive that he had to buy a new PA system after the event.

“The whole group and their band will be performing. And I think that the show is going to be sold out,” he highlights. Bongo Maffin comprises of members, Thandiswa Mazwai, Stoan Seate, Jah Seed, and Speedy. The kwaito outfit that released hit after hit was formed by Jah seed after moving to South Africa from Zimbabwe in 1996.

The original members of the group were Seate (formerly a back-up) singer for Thebe of Lenyora fame, and Jah Seed. Mazwai joined the group a year later. Speedy left the group in 2000, but the group has since reunited. The group has a number of albums under their belt including The Concerto (1998), Bongolution (2001), and New Construction (2005). The group recently released their latest single titled Harare featuring all members of the group.

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:48

Men go for retreat

The inaugural Mancave event is slated to take place this Saturday at the Phakalane Golf Estate. The event is organised by Votex Media in partnership with Business Botswana. Touted as a premiere lifestyle event for men, and it seeks to give men a platform, where they can discus and share issues affecting the modern man. Topics for the day will include Men’s health and fitness, motoring, finance and investments, fashion and grooming and more.

The event is strictly for men, but women are welcome to attend the after party. Entertainment will be provided by Mpho Sebina live band.  The after party will feature acts such as Deejay Kinetic, Dj Thato Trax, Oak, and Mcjon Mosenene, playing smooth jazz. The theme for the event is Panama hat, and men are urged to come dressed to nines in their finest wear accessorised with the Panama Hat. The MC for the day is Losika Seboni,

According to the event organiser, Edith Mayglip, there has been many events targeting women locally, and men have often been left out hence the Man Cave event. She explains that the event seeks to give men a platform where they can come together and talk about issues affecting them such as Depression. Naturally, she points out that men do not open up about issues affecting them.

Proceedings of the day will include a keynote address by the Vice President of Business Botswana and CEO of Cash Bazaar, Odirile Merafhe, as well as Alphonse Ndzinge of Kgori Capital. For those who are attending, a doctor, Dr Les will be available on the day and he will talk to the men about health and fitness. He will also do a health screening. Wellness Speaker, Agatha Atlholang will touch on wellness.

The Man Cave Ambassador, Mosesene will touch on food and beverages. Highlights to look forward to include Hair Essentials Metro Men, a corner that is dedicated to the brothers who are into grooming but want a bit of privacy. “Some do not want to mix with women when it comes to their grooming,” she says (WHO).

Other highlights include Ds Damat showcasing the latest men fashion trends, Jaguar Landrover showcasing their luxury cars, Lengau wine company sharing tips on the art of drinking whiskey, Camelot Spa on packages designed for men, Hair Essentials introducing the Metro Man, Premium Cigars giving away complimentary cigars and a basic tutorial on how to pair cigars and dark chocolate treats with beverages.

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:40

Motswafere, Kapenda share stage

The duo of Motswafere and the guitarist Kapenda will this evening (Friday) treat fun lovers to a night of Afro-Soul at The No.1 Ladies Coffee House at Thapong Visual Arts.The soothing Afro-soul night is expected to gratify the revellers with a full set of music and a set of cover tunes that include; Afro Jazz, fusion, Afro Cuban and Afro Caribbean. The legendary guitarist, Katuta says that they will also touch base on a bit of blues to make sure that they make the night a memorable one.

He has collaborated with Motswafere on a single song, as a way of grooming and mentoring the upcoming talent.  “I have chosen to work with him to just empower him because the young man is talented and it is difficult for the upcoming artistes to perform at a gig,” he said. 

He further said that he aims at helping him play with good musicians for experience. The duo worked with Tshepo Lesole on the song that they would also perform at the show dubbed ‘Wild Romance’. Motswafere describes Wild Romance as a love song that was inspired by experiences about heartbreaks.

“It talks about the experience of stepping out of a bad relationship one has been clinging to for a long time, and later on get into a one-night relationship that gives one a glimpse of what they have been missing from the previous relationship in a short period of a night,” explains Motswafere.

He says that working with Kapenda has exposed him to all corners of the music that he did not know, because Kapenda is just the best and equipped with all the experience within the industry.  He emphasizes that he appreciates the guitarist’s wonderful work and that their collaboration is just something special

The young artiste now boasts of three singles of Afro-Soul music. He encourages the Afro-Soul lovers to come and witness the good show with good music and simply discover something new. The duo emphasized that the show will starts at 7 pm promptly.

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:36

Summer without Jabba

It was 2003 at the North West University Freshers Ball in Mafikeng that I first saw HHP perform live. Motswako was the new thing and we were crazy about the genre. HHP, or Jabba, as he was popularly known, took to the stage shortly towards midnight and had the hundreds of revellers eating from the palm of his hand. I remember him taking off his T-shirt and waving it in the air.

All the revellers in the hall were on their feet, cheering and singing along. It was lit. The epic moment came when Jabba waded offstage and crowd surfed. I was scared for him and thought he would fall, but thankfully, he did not. Many years have gone by and I have seen HHP perform several times, Back To The City, Mascom Booster bash… and he always gave his all.

Celebrated for his artisitic creativity and ingenuity, HHP gave Motswako hip-hop form; a liberated poet and storyteller who was gifted with lyrical mastery. He was also not selfish and unearthed raw talent. If it was not for HHP I would not have discovered my Motswako king, Mo’ molemi; the rap on Manong is legendary.

We probably wouldn’t even know Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana and Towdee mac among others. He was confident in his talent and knew that there is space for everyone to shine. Jabba was among the lucky ones who identified his gift early in his life; all that talent wants is to be used. Jabba used his to entertain, unite and celebrate.

He was a lyrical beast and modern day cultural icon who fittingly ‘made Tswana fashionable’. He was poetic and refreshingly genius. He told genuine stories from the heart. HHP was also multi-faceted: he could be goofy and fun, and also serious and reflective.

While his music played and we saw him through media, Jabba went through a quiet spell. Years went by, and HHP did not perform here. In fact, he once ranted that he would never perform in Botswana again following an unsavoury incident.  But this changed last year when relations were seemingly rekindled.

When events organiser and socialite Teshwar Miller invited me to the HHP gig I was beside myself with excitement. Trap does not come close to Motswako. Jabba had been missed, judging by the numbers who flocked Chez Nicholas to see him. After a long wait, at 0100 hrs, HHP jumped onto the stage dressed in all white.

 The crowd went wild. He wasted no time as he perfomed most of his hits from Mafikeng, Wa mtseba motho oo, Tswaka, Harambe, Music and Lights and Lefatshe je, he gave fans their money’s worth, and in between, told the audience how great it felt to be ‘back home’. It was an epic show.

His last performance in Botswana was at the Yarona FM Music Awards in February. Today we sit and wonder: How would summer be without Jabba?True to purpose, in the song Born For This, he says that music is his gift, passion and he was born for the hustle and always kept it real. He fulfilled his purpose and when all is said and done, that is all that matters. Pretty much all that matters.

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:28

Ftown develops into football hub

The chairman of the Francistown Regional Football Association (FRAFA) is hopeful that teams from the north will soon return to the Premier League following the relegation of TAFIC FC. The City of Francistown has no representation in the BTC Premiership after TAFIC lasted only one season in their uninspired campaign during the 2017/18 season.

The Francistown region has proven to be one of the most lucrative football markets in the country as the Francistown Sports complex has since hosted top tier football matches including Afcon qualifiers and numerous Mascom Top 8 final games. The games saw a decent number of supporters filling up seats at the Stadium facility located in Madzibalori.

However, the Francistown football loving crowd have hardly shown the same affection and enthusiasm to their own TAFIC when it plays at the same venue. According to FRAFA chairman Maokaneng Bontshetse, the impressive numbers that attend games at the stadium are a result of strategic planning by Francistown City Authorities.

“Before the games we meet with the Francistown Mayor, Silvia Muzila and other city officials. Everybody comes together and plan for the big games like the Zebras and Mascom Top 8 final.” From her end, the Francistown City mayor Silvia Muzila ensures that children from primary to secondary school inform their parents of the big game happening in town so that they attend in numbers.

Bontshetse said they mobilize their local football clubs to ensure that they fill the stadium during match day because this is the biggest form of entertainment in the city. The FRAFA chairman said the city pulls together for high profile games but the only problem is showing support to a local team like TAFIC when it competes in the Botswana Premier League.

Bontshetse said TAFIC who were relegated to the Debswana National First Division (DNFD) this past season lost their investor when they made it to the Premier League hence their struggles after they left the lower division. “However, I don’t think TAFIC did enough to acquire resources once they got to the Premier League, even consulting us, it was not enough, if you want to survive you do more than it is expected,” he said. 

Bontshetse argued that it will be difficult to emulate other regions like Jwaneng and Orapa in combining their resources and establishing one powerful club. The FRAFA chairman said his region is too vast and populated to emulate the likes of Jwaneng and Orapa.

“This time around if another FRAFA team makes it to the premier league, this one will be our regional challenge, we will sit down with the mayor and pull our resources together. Our region is not only Francistown, it includes Masunga, Tonota these are things that help us increase numbers this is the only form of entertainment in the area.” Bontshetse said FRAFA teams must do a lot of work to ensure that they sell themselves in large villages like Masunga.

“I don’t understand why they don’t have a supporter’s branch in Masunga, they feel that Francistown is their only base.“Remember, I am the founding chairman of the Zebras supporters club, I knew that Gaborone   cannot make the national team big, I had Tlokweng and mobilized other villages. When they attended games, they made it big.”

Bontshetse said the stadium facility is currently underutilized but they are hoping to have at least one team in the premier league next season. “We are doing well at regional level, for the past two years we put a team in the first Division while the other four regions are failing to do so. This should continue to premier league.”

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:23

Desert Race dumps Jwaneng

The wildly popular 1000km Toyota Desert Race (TDR) might be heading to the mining town of Selibe Phikwe. This week a savingram from the Jwaneng Deputy District Commissioner’s office informed the mining town authorities that the popular off-road racing spectacles was moving to another location.

The mining town has enjoyed the economic benefits of the race   for over five years. This week speculation has been rife that the race will be moving to another mining town being Selibe Phikwe. According to the savingram the Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO) has taken a decision to finally move the annual Toyota 1000 Desert from Jwaneng, and the new hosts will be announced in the near future.

According to a savingram dated 01 November 2018 forwarded to officials of the Jwaneng Town Council (Town Clerk, Tribal Secretary, Court President & HODs) from the Deputy District Commissioner Lesang Kgosietsile revealed that the BTO has taken a decision to move on from Jwaneng.

“You are by this communiqué officially informed that the Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO) has made a decision to relocate the 1000 Toyota Desert Race from Jwaneng to a new location to be announced. You have been a great strategic partner in hosting this event and we wish to convey our sincere appreciation for the great job done.

Let me take this opportunity to profoundly thank you for your dedication and support during the five (5) years that you successfully hosted this event,” the savingram reads. Recent allegations are that Selibe Phikwe Diversification Unit (SPEDU) have recently expressed interest in the race as they believe it would revive the   ailing economy of the once thriving mining town.

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:19

Malgas among top goal scorers

With only just 10 games played in the 2018/19 BTC Premiership,  Sharps Shooting Stars Football Club (FC) striker Tshepho Malgas (20) finds himself in the top three of the top scorer charts with 5goals trailing the much experienced Joel Mogorosi and Bonolo Fraizer both with 6goals.

Drogba as he is popularly known, believes with a little bit of hard work, anything can happen in this race to triumph the green boot that is up for grabs.In an interview with BG Sport this week, Tshepo Malgas said his affection for football started from the time he was still at primary school, “My football started from way back when I was at my Primary level, then I went on to play for Vicomates Football Club (FC).

That was when I got in the Debswana National First Division League for the Tsolamosese-based side Lesirane City,” he said.Sharps Shooting Stars FC who are currently on the 3rd spot in the BTC Premiership  log standings started like a ‘house on fire’ garnering a remarkable 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

This has been attributed  to the fantastic showing  by the likes of Malgas upfront where he consistently  banged in  crucial goals. “I have always expected this to be happening as my secret to sneak in those goals is hard work that I put in my game and I am not under any pressure,” said the striker.

Malgas further said, “I really want to see myself playing in the European leagues because I believe the hard work that I put in my game will eventually pay dividends,”he  said.

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Friday, 09 November 2018 10:14

Gabs Basketball league returns

This past weekend concluded the Gaborone Basketball league (GBL) pre-season cup, in which Kesaobaka Ndanwanyana was selected the most valuable player.

Director of GBL, Churchill Barrows says that this marks the basketball season, which will officially begin next weekend. He shares that Elder Godz team won the preseason with an outstanding performance, which everyone applauded them for. “The winners of the pre-season tournament showing a dominant performance was Elder Godz and they have been performing well since the beginning of the tournament,” said Churchill. 

They walloped other teams, boasting their new signing with Nathan Warikandwa from Zimbabwe national team, who also did well during the games. Emmanuel Ramoshebi also gave an outstanding performance, making the team to gain momentum through the entire game. Churchill said that the entire league has been grateful and they look forward to the season, where he expects even better games.

He says all the teams have gained sufficient experience which can place them better in any competition. The league’s aim is to groom basketball players who could become professional players in future and he is confident that some players have already reached that stage. “The players have shown massive interest during the league and I can confidently say some are ready to face the international games and bring medals home,” he said.

Churchill further said that they are hopeful that the coming season is going to be very interesting. “The basketball league is coming back in summer time after a very successful pilot season,” he said, emphasizing that they have learnt a lot about running a league. He tells BG Sport that the next league would be better and bigger as they have introduced a few changes for development. “We have introduced six ladies teams and a junior league called GBL jr which is set for January.”

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