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Thursday, 01 November 2018 12:40

The Gin experience at Game City Roof

The Stanbic Bank Fitch & Leedes Gin Festival is scheduled to take place this Saturday at the Game City Roof. The inaugural event was born from the undeniable growing appetite for gin around the world. The event is organised by the Liquid Library in collaboration with Fitch & Leeds and Stanbic Bank Botswana.

Organisers are promising to pull all the stops, and will treat patrons to a one of a kind experience. Highlights of the day will include handpicked regional boutique gins from South Africa such as Wixworth Gin, Tripple Three Gin & Six Dogs Gin, Trag Gin, a very first Motswana owned gin inspired by the Kgalagadi, as well as the classic London Dry’s such as Beefeater Gin.

Other highlights include patrons, getting a chance to taste all of the gin available on the day, and will also be given coupons to nit-pick their preferred gins.  The event is targeting patrons aged between 25-50 years, with an aspirational or executive lifestyle.

Sharing the story about how the event was conceptualised, one of the organisers, James Briscoe from the Liquid Library explains that boutique and artisanal craft gin distillers are at the forefront of the growing appetite for gin, and that they were each trying to innovate with different colours, bold flavours, and stories.

“There is a huge world of expertise, craftmanship and appreciation out there, and we decided to bring the beverage wonderland to Botswana for the first ever gin festival,” he says. He also points out that crafts, ranging from craft food, craft coffee, beers and the latest being gin, is trending right now across the world.

Seeing that the craze has reached Botswana through various South African gin distillers, the organisers saw it fit to have an event that doesn’t only celebrate this great beverage but also incorporates the wonderful pairings, and ways of serving it. The event, he says also seeks to educate Batswana on gin, and take patron’s palates on a journey and explore what the gin world has to offer.

“At the same time, it is a platform for networking amongst key people who fit into this aspirational or executive lifestyle,” he says. Quizzed on the local trends with regards to gin consumption, he points out that, with the gin craze blowing up all over the world, the wave has definitely come into Botswana, and that more and more people are choosing gin as their preferred tipple.

“The interest in gin is growing and more and more people are experimenting with different aromatics and flavours to find their flavoured combinations,” he says.

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 12:34

Sip and paint returns

The second thrilling edition of the Sip and Paint event is slated to take place this Saturday at the Beam campsite, behind Bull and Bush. Organised by The Store in partnership with Lengau Wine Company, the event offers revellers a one of a kind experience.

Highlights to look forward to include live sketches, wine pairings, gin and whiskey tastings from the Lengau Wine company products. Also to look forward to on the day is entertainment by Gauta Eyman, and live music by the one and only Cedric as well as Dj Kellz.

According to the organiser, Reba Sejoe, the event seeks to celebrate local art and the endorsement from Thapong Visual Arts Centre speaks to the creative energy it wants to cultivate. Also on the day, there will be exhibitions by local artists, and the revellers will have a chance to purchase a few art pieces.

Sejoe also explains that this trend has been growing across the world, as more and more people seek different experiences rather than just buying things. “Sip and Paint allows people to engage with art in a refreshing way. The first instalment held earlier in the year showed us that there is interest in this conceptual theme, and we decided to host it again,” she says.

She further says that the event is for anyone who wants to enjoy a fun filled and unique way to uncork their creativity over their favourite beverage, while creating wonderful pieces of art that they want to keep.  “We will have delectable food, invigorating drinks, fresh vibes, lots of paint, canvas and only the best local art and photography art exhibitions,” she explains. Tickets are on sale at Webtickets for P350, inclusive of canvas, paint and complimentary wine and P200, excluding painting and complimentary wine.

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 12:29

IDM collaborates with Chef from Lesotho

Last week’s One Night Affair with Chef Donald in collaboration with Institute of Development Management (IDM) has proved that cooking is an art that needs to be nurtured.In response to the national agenda on Travel and Tourism, IDM has collaborated with the famous Chef Donald of Lesotho to upskill its knowledge on the culinary arts.

The night was filled with food lessons as well as paring food with wine.  The revellers enjoyed the special meals prepared by Chef Donald and other renowned chefs from Botswana, including Botswana Chefs Association. The food and wine tasting affair stimulated everyone’s taste buds as they enjoyed the mouth-watering food that was prepared with a touch of alcohol to give the food a unique flavour.

The purpose of the gathering was to improve the standard of culinary arts in Botswana. IDM Manager, Dr Onalenna Seitio-Kgokgwe said that hospitality and tourism come second after diamonds in the economy of Botswana, therefore they saw it fit to engage the talented Dona@Balos’ service to make sure that their students also benefit from the international skills by Chef Donald.

“In 2020, Hospitality and Tourism in the country remains one of the factors to boost the economy, so we thought that it is about time to build it by infusing knowledge into our students,” Dr Kgokgwe said. She explained that Chef Donald’s complimentary skills prompted them to ask for such a partnership from him.

“We want to professionalise macro cooks as early as now so that our country has something to boast about when it comes to professional cooking in the future,” she said reiterating that they are humbled that Chef Donald has agreed to partner with them.
The content Chef Donald also expressed gratitude towards the collaboration, saying that it means a lot to him and he also looks forward to collaborating with Botswana Chefs Association to embrace cooking in Africa.

The scrumptious food for the night consisted of the three course meal including, the starter of seasonal rocket leaves accompanied with Maluti Trout and Balsamaic Vinegrette, while the main meal composed of Red wine reduction, One Night Affair Lamb Shank served with Lemon and Herb Mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables which gave the food that appetising look, and  the dessert included Poached Pear in red wine reduction served with chantily Cream.

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 12:25

Collagen: secret to the “fountain of youth”

Apart from looking gorgeous, healthy looking skin signifies good health. But as people age, their skin loses elasticity and suppleness. That is where collagen comes in. Collagen has been the entire rave for several years. International celebrities such as Jada Pinkett-Smith, Tyra Banks and Nicki Minaj, among others are said to swear by collagen supplements.

Collagen is reportedly an abundant protein and a component of connective tissues that make up tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles in the body, and is known for strengthening the bones and keeping skin supple and self-healing. From an aesthetic perspective, collagen provides the skin with structure.

Collagen is viewed as a “miracle” supplement because it can relieve joint pains in elders, and also improve their skin health. As we age, the collagen levels in our system decrease and the skin cannot repair itself fast and also loses elasticity and suppleness.  The collagen supplement available here, which is powdery and has a palatable taste, is mixed with water or yoghurt and taken twice a day.

The collagen also has psylium husk, which is known for cleansing the colon, so it has multiple benefits, says Chronicles Health shop, Director, One Minkie Sabone during an earlier visit to the Rail Park Store. She has lost a considerable amount of weight through Banting and has the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of herself in the store.

She also offers advise on lifestyle changes and supplements as she also uses them. Sabone says that intake of collagen improves the skin’s hydration and elasticity, which keeps wrinkles and dry skin at bay. Most collagen supplements are broken down and therefore easier to absorb in the system.

She points out that some people are wary of supplements but they do help in maintaining good health, beauty and youthfulness. “We all age but it should not be a negative experience; you can still be fit, healthy and look good even when you are older. Supplements help you help yourself feel and look better particularly if complemented with a healthy diet and regular exercise.” **NB – If you have any medical conditions, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using supplements.

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 12:18

Tourism connects BW and SA

Local Reporters were treated to a cocktail night at Basilico Restaurant where Sun International guests shared the business side of the most adored Sun City and the South African North West province.

It is evident that the tourism sector connects the two countries, Botswana and South Africa as well as the rest of the SADC region and the whole world. Group Manager- Africa Sales at Sun International, Jennifer Beattie said in an interview with BG Style that tourism brings people closer and that most Batswana often visit the North West province for a variety of activities including Sun City.

“North West province tourism is an opportunity to mingle with business people, while having fun and identifying marketing opportunities too,” said Beattie. She emphasized that they are capitalising on media relations tourism to the business traveller, to ensure that they are at par with the business and tourism platform.

Beattie further highlighted that their visit in Botswana was meant to support North West tourism, which enabled them to connect with traders last week.“The purpose for this visit was to support North West Tourism which was a huge success connecting with the trade on Thursday at Masa Hotel,” she said.

This past Saturday, travellers, business people, including small businesses and shopping enthusiasts flocked the Riverwalk mall, where there were so many stalls set up in support of tourism for the Mahika Mahikeng showcasing of products between Botswana and South Africa.

In an effort to bid farewell to the fallen hero of Hip Hop Pantsola legend, Jabba, one of the local artistes, Loretta Mekgwe also stunned people with her abstract art piece of work which she showcased at the event. Such little beautiful inputs revealed how the two countries are brought together and closely by tourism. The North West Tourism Province has also sponsored 123 learners of Hospitality and Tourism from Botswana.

Desbo Mohono, MEC Tourism at North West Province also emphasized that tourism create temporary and permanent jobs as well as entrepreneurs. Thus, she encouraged the young people to utilise the available opportunities in tourism.

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 12:13

Gospel spectacular billed

Organisers of the inaugural Colours of Sounds event are working around the clock to deliver a one of a kind spectacular event to local music lovers. The event dubbed Rise up with Spirit of Praise is billed for November 10th at the UB Indoor Sports Arena.
It will feature South Africa’s Spirit of Praise ensemble led by Pastor Benjamin Dube.

Spirit of Praise comprises of some of the talented artists that includes Dube himself, Vicky Vilakazi, Zanele Mokhethi, Neyi Zumu, Papane Bulwane, Tshepiso, Joey Mofoleng, Dumi Mkokstad and Omega Khunou not forgetting the Dube brothers. Locally, the likes of Jam in Christ featuring Joel Keitumele, Vusi, Suggie Fisher, Thuto Majaga, Ottie, Phempheretlhe as well as DJ Kels will add colour to the event that promises to set the auditorium on fire.

The event organiser, Massie Hule, tells this publication that everything is on track and they are busy on creating and conceptualising a world class stage. “We are busy building the set for production. It is going to be an amazing show,” he explains. He notes that it has been a while since Spirit of Praise was in Gaborone.

The ensemble was last in Botswana in 2015, and it will be the first time for some of the members to perform in Gaborone. He further says that tickets were selling very fast. As of last week, he explains that the Golden circle tickets and VIP were 60% and 50% full respectively, while the general tickets were also on high demand. 

Tickets are on sale at Webtickets. General circle is on sale for P300, Golden circle P400, and VIP, inclusive of a t-shirt, CD, food and one is guaranteed of proper seating goes for P750. At a recent press conference, Pastor Dube informed Batswana that it has been three years since he performed in Botswana. He said that over the years his local fans had been asking about his next performance in the country.

He further said that this is the break through that he has been waiting for.  “Spirit of Praise is currently topping charts right now,” he says. He also noted that artists who are on Spirit of Praise Vol 7 are current and relevant. “We are raising the bar especially with gospel,” he said.

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 09:38

Funny Bizness at Cresta President hotel

Funny Bizness, a comedy session that promises nothing but an outstanding night of laughter and amusement will be performed in an upgraded and professional way at Cresta President Hotel tonight (Friday).

The comedy session features the country’s renowned comedians including, the legendary Charles Manase, Johnny Pula, Triccs, Brian Sibanda, Brooks, Clive Chigubhu and Kadem the Comic, with the host of the night being the hilarious Boldwin Bals.He is confident that their session is going to turn the tables upside down as they want to prove a point that there is comedy in Botswana. With his two years’ experience in comedy, the self-proclaimed amusing comedian says comedy in Botswana only needs nurturing.

 “I am thankful to Fresh Comedy sessions because it has made me who I am today, which is why I am ready to share with the people out there as a host,” said Boldwin Bals. Like any other comedian, he started doing open mic comedy, then he ventured into live comedy which he masters now. “Through Fresh Comedy, I have also learnt how to write jokes, I can fluently deliver my work and I am just amusing, which is why I am hosting a show,” he reiterated as he cracks into laughter.

He also believes that people would have their ribs broken as the Pan African Award nominee, Charles Manase, never disappoints. Manase agrees that they are going to give the audience the international standard performance. Dj Tab, who will give the session the out of this world music says they are ready to make a history in comedy. 

Event Organiser, Ketumile Ngwamotsoko ,  the  Founder and Managing Director at Pitch Marketing and Advertising also assured comedy enthusiasts that, the show will feature experienced comedians.“We are glad to be associated with this ambition,” said Ketumile.
He further said that through the collaborations with CENE Media, they are to deliver high quality production work.

He challenged those who undermine Botswana comedy to come and witness the enhanced chapter of comedy in the country, emphasizing that it is a night of comedians with musicians and fused with business, as they are all about developing talent. “Comedy is growing in Botswana and we just want to prove to the comedy lovers that they do not need to have to cross boarders for this fun,” he said.  

Through their online platform, they are targeting to reach at least 50 000 viewers during the show. “The next evolution of fresh comics is online, so we appreciate the digital partners because we believe this is a big makeup for comedy in Botswana,” said Manase.

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