Moyana faces Season-long Ban

Damning evidence pieced together from the ongoing investigations surrounding Mochudi Centre Chiefs, Township Rollers and Galabgwe Moyana shows that local football still has a long way before attaining professionalism. Responsive authorities at the Botswana Premier League (BPL) office remain cagey with information on the matter but emerging details reveal a transfer story gone dirty. Moyana is himself facing sanctions for acts of general misconduct after he signed two contracts with two different clubs, being Rollers and Chiefs. What is not clear for now is which between the two clubs will eventually face the wrath of FIFA laws. Chiefs have been accusing Rollers of having signed a contract with ‘their player’ even with their recent pronouncement of the player’s contract having expired in December. It is now open to speculation how the player remains theirs after they had told various media houses, especially radio stations, that he was out of contract. What comes to surface on the matter is that Moyana had indeed gone on to sign a contract with Rollers knowing he was free to do so, but would later be convinced by Chiefs’ management to renege by signing another one with Chiefs. The trick was to then tell all affected authorities that he had already signed a contract extension at Chiefs when he signed for Rollers, a mistake for which he probably would apologise. Unfortunately, the Rollers contract had already been endorsed officially with the BPL, and the one signed later at Chiefs was not. This is where Chiefs could find themselves in deep trouble.

On the other hand, Rollers could be taken to task for failure to follow the set procedure when recruiting another club’s player. Yet Rollers could still argue that such procedure would not be necessary as they were dealing with an out-of-contract player. In fact, sensing a fiery dispute,  Rollers are said to have already compiled all documentation used in a previous case against Chiefs over the transfer of Joel Mogorosi – a matter which Chiefs won on the same grounds that Rollers are now contending.  Preliminary evidence is however showing a complexity of the matter that has even induced the BPL to seek assistance from the BFA Players Status Committee (PSC). Should the PSC rule that indeed Rollers did not follow the right procedure in recruiting the player, Chiefs will win the player while Rollers will head to the BFA Disciplinary
Committee (DC) to defend themselves on why they did not follow the set procedure. However, if the PSC rules in favour of Rollers as most observers anticipate, then Moyana, whose contract with The Blues was 12 days old when Magosi convinced him to terminate it, will be declared a Rollers player.

Premier League CEO Bennet Mamelodi confirmed that they had made significant progress in their investigations but declined to shed light on what they had uncovered thus far. “We are almost done but I am constrained to shed light on the matter as it was still internal and highly confidential. Remember too that my principals both in the premier league and BFA l still have to be briefed on the matter and then advise accordingly. That’s when information can be shared with external stakeholders,” he said.  BFA Legal Advisor Onkagetse  Pusoentsi could also not be drawn into commenting on the possible actions to be taken for those who might be found guilty. “We have not yet received anything regarding the matter, therefore I cannot comment on a matter that I do not have facts about,” he told BG Sport.  Both Chiefs and Rollers officials declined to comment on the matter pending the outcome of investigations. Should either Rollers or Chiefs end up appearing before the BFA DC, then one of them faces a possible one season suspension without signing players, a matter that Rollers was currently serving on a suspended basis. Moyana, on the other hand, could be banned from playing for the entire season.

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