BNOC side-lines BoBA

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
NO MIDDLEMAN…BoBA athletes will receive money directly from the BNOC NO MIDDLEMAN…BoBA athletes will receive money directly from the BNOC

The recent International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Boxing Association (AIBA) scandal was bound to have implications for affiliates of the two international associations in their home countries.

After the IOC announced their decision to suspend AIBA from organising the boxing tournament at next year’s 2020 Olympic games, a task force was set up to take over the sports code during the games next year.  This decision has definitely hit home this week when Botswana National Olympic Committee Chief Executive Officer Tuelo Serufho announced that they will be working hand in hand with the Botswana Boxing Association (BoBA) ahead of the international showpiece. However, Serufho said BoBA will not be receiving money from the IOC.

“Instead we will be dealing directly with athletes in this regard,” Serufho said. Furthermore, Serufho said they maintain cordial relations with BoBA and the two will be working together to prepare boxers for the Tokyo Olympics despite hostile relations between IOC and BoBA. “The IOC has appointed a task force to run boxing affairs at the Olympics and this task force consists of  members of technical team of the committee. “Quizzed on when the international spat between the two organisations could be resolved, Serufho said his hope is for the IOC and AIBA to make amends by the 2024 Olympic.

The BNOC consists of three boxing technical personnel including Mike Moroka, Lechedzani Luza and Oteng Oteng. Reached for comment this past week, BoBA spokesperson Taolo Tlouetsile said his organisation remains an affiliate of the BNOC. Tlouetsile further explained that AIBA failed to reach an administrative deadline with the IOC which led to the current circumstances.  Among others AIBA is being accused of poor organisation and officiating at the recent Rio Olympic games.

The previous AIBA leadership was accused of having links to organised crime organisations and international drug trafficking. Meanwhile, a team of nine boxers including six men and three women is currently on camp in Thailand as part of the preparations for the All Africa Games later this year in Morocco and the Tokyo Olympics.

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