Go! affiliates tell BAA president


Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) president Thari Mooketsi has not only failed to improve the association in his one and half years tenure, but also treats affiliates like students.This is the bitter complaint by chairman of Gaborone Runners’ Club, Zambia Champi, who feels Mooketsi has grown “old” and must now “resign” without being pushed out.

“Mooketsi treats us like his students. In meetings he addresses us as if we are in class, he shouts and claps hands telling us to keep quiet,” he cried. Concerning the president’s age, he said: “I think we should now tell him (to resign) because he is there doing nothing. He even treats his executive team like students, he dictates everything to them," said Champi. But Mooketsi was not bothered by the scathing attacks on his person and capabilities. He said in an interview that he was not leaving anytime soon.

“I am still going to be the president of BAA. Those complaining don’t know how the association is run, they were the ones making noise in the OGM,” he said, promising to deal severely with dissenting voices in the association who claim to know more than him. But the groundswell of opinion suggests that moist of the 20-strong affiliates are unhappy with Mooketsi.

Roland Masalila of BDF Athletics said most of the clubs do not want BAA president. ”We wrote a motion for him and his executive committee to leave but it was unsuccessful so we are giving them a chance now and hope they will deliver because if they don’t action will be taken,” he said.

Legojane Kebaitse of Palapye Athletics club shared Masalila’s sentiments. He was forthright in his criticism. “We have lost confidence in Mooketsi and we can no longer hide it. We thought things would change but there is nothing positive happening, it is clear that he cannot deliver,” he said. He said Mooketsi always lags behind and misses other important meetings, “Yet he expects us to believe that he can change policy?”

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