BoBA introduces quasi professional organ

Isaac Pheko
Friday, 05 February 2016
TAKE THAT… There should be more of the professional bouts with new reforms at AIBA TAKE THAT… There should be more of the professional bouts with new reforms at AIBA

The Botswana Boxing Association (BoBA) is currently working round the clock to establish a professional wing under the international boxing body, AIBA.

The international amateur boxing body found it fit to introduce a professional wing namely AIBA- Professional Boxing, to retain some of its athletes after they compete at international games like Olympics. This means that BoBA-PB will retain some of its athletes even after they compete at international competitions.

Previously, amateur boxers lost their eligibility to represent their countries at international games like the Commonwealth and Olympics once they had gone professional, and when they reached amateur retirement age, they got lost to the sport. Now, with the new plans, these athletes will compete as professionals and earn a living from the sport. As per AIBA structure, BoBA is currently working on the idea of BoBA–PB introduction. 

“The committee to drive this programme has been chosen and it is made up of the following: Gilbert Khunwane (chairperson), Victor Mhlanga (Vice Chairperson), Healer Modiradilo (Secretary), Thabo Nnanakoko, Orapeleng Mosalakgotla and Dirang Thipe (Additional members),” said BoBA President Dr Thato Patlakwe during the BoBA Ordinary General Meeting in Gaborone over the weekend.

Patlakwe said the BoBA-PB was a good initiative because the boxers will turn professional and represent their countries at major competitions at the same time. “The association will also be eligible to benefit from boxers’ purses. We want to put efforts into this as it will help us get rid of bottlenecks we have now.” In addition, Patlakwe said local boxers will no longer be stagnant in one place, they will also make money in the process. “To achieve all these we must work together with member clubs and the executive committee.”

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