Rollers’ fans stand guard ahead of AGM

Isaac Pheko
Thursday, 28 January 2016
WORRIED… Baopedi City Motona. WORRIED… Baopedi City Motona.

Ahead of their crucial and decisive Annual General Meeting (AGM) this weekend, Township Rollers’ most popular supporter, Baopedi ‘City’ Motona has warned those who want to take over the club for self-interest to be sensible and considerate. 

Motona, who has been following Popa religiously for years, said that whatever is decided at the weekend AGM, supporters should make the Rollers players a priority because their lives depend on the team. Motona, who maintained that he was impartial and did not belong to any of the warring factions at Rollers, said the team should come out of the AGM in better shape than they went in.

“It will be disaster for everyone if the team is torn apart by internal bickering. I am not saying whether I have met or affiliated to Shah but he has recently improved the team for the better,” said Motona this week.

Moreover, the die-hard Palestina supporter said he used to go and watch the team train at MmaMasire grounds in Gaborone West. “After training I used to drive some players home using my own car before Shah took over. The team now travels in a luxury bus, and before the investor arrived they travelled in small hired buses to play at places like Maun.”

In addition Motona recalled another incident where Rollers players were thrown out of a lodge when they played in Maun. “In recent months, I have never heard   talk of any Rollers player that has not been paid on time. The team has become the envy of their rivals and if Shah withdraws his support others will be clamouring for his services.”

Motona said he hoped for a positive outcome from the AGM, adding that wrangling over ownership of the team would not be beneficial. Former spokesperson of the Rollers’ Serowe supporters branch Bobby Ramotho shared the same sentiments as Motona, arguing that there was transparency within the team after Shah arrived. “There were positive changes with the team as we now received reports on how the team is performing. The team has become desirable for players.”

“The welfare of players drastically improved as we saw less movement within the team because the players were happy. Their (players) only worries have been staying on the bench and not getting game time but their welfare was taken care of.”

Ramotho advised those who will be taking over the team to be people of integrity and desist from self-interest and profit-seeking.

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